Top Ten One Tree Hill Seasons


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1 Season 4

Pretty much every episode in season 4 is the best episode in the show. Season 4 was just particularly amazing, and was filled with happy and emotional moments, along with phenomenal acting from the cast. - fangirl1967

Was hard to choose between 1 & 4(3 was also strong). 4 had some serious downers like 4.10 and 4.16. But it still had the most significant episode in 4.09(with 3.16) and it finished on such a high note. From 4.17 to finale, the last five were on a roll. 4.13 was brilliant too.

I loved season 4

Perfect season + Best couple ever Leyton

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2 Season 3

Simply cause that's when the real story beggin :) Dan killed Keith and Lucas kissed Peyton again.. My opinion that's the start of one tree hill!

3 Season 2
4 Season 1

The first 4 seasons the best the school years are the best but seasons 5 - 9 are good too vote the first 4 seasons up far please they all should be first they have a good story in all and continues from the last season there should be a number one for everyone of these seasons one tree hill is an amazing show it should never end they should do one where the children grow up and the one from the first 9 seasons old

5 Season 5

This season was great, it should be in number 1.

I think season was the best because it was very entertaining to watch the charachters after high school. And I thought this season has the most drama.

THIS is the worst season by far because it prolonged the inevitable with Leyton and Nathan wasn't playing basketball until the the end.

6 Season 6

This one is very good.

7 Season 9

Really good season just sad that the show did not get a season 10 I really whished there was a season 10 of one tree hill

This season have more violence than all the other seasons.

This one is intense and a great season, but it'e sad that it all had to come to an end. Put this season in the Top 4 please.

8 Season 8
9 Season 7

This is not terrible, it's just not my favorite season.

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