Top Ten One Tree Hill Songs


The Top Ten

1 I Don't Want to Be - Gavin Degraw

Will Always Be the best one!

Obviously this song is the best song on OTH and my heart melt down when the cast sing the song on the finale

2 Heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez

Love this song such a sad song it's Lucas and Peyton song they flu in love after ravens won state championship that song played and also peyton sent Lucas this song to listen too after his and Nathan collage team won

3 Times Like These - Foo Fighters
4 Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet

Love it... Don't know how this sitcom really got the best of me... Ther's no damn substitute to this show... I love it :'(

5 Superstar - Lupe Fiasco
6 Hometown Glory - Adele

Best song ever. - DynastiNoble

7 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - Led Zeppelin

Perfect end for a season finale...absolutely timed right.

8 Halo - Haley James Scott

Great song amazing singing - mneilan

Great Song Love It This One Should Be Highewr Up The List Haley FRom The Show Sang This Song And She Made This Song Too

9 23 - Jimmy Eat World
10 The Mixed Tape - Jack's Mannequin

The Newcomers

? Soldier - Gavin Degraw
? Don't You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds

The Contenders

11 When the Stars Go Blue - Chris Keller and Haley James Scott
12 Pictures of You - The Cure
13 Non-Believer - La Rocca
14 Dare You to Move - Switchfoot
15 Feel This - Haley James Scott
16 Irvine - Kelly Clarkson
17 Violet Hill - Coldplay
18 Last Friday Night - Katy Perry
19 Rolling In the Deep - Adele
20 She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
21 Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy

Best song one the list

22 Loaded Gun - Tyler Hilton
23 One Tree Hill - U2
24 Escape - Smith Point
25 She Has No Time - Keane
26 Everybody's Changing - Keane
27 Don't Confess - Tegan and Sara

Love the vulnerability.. amazing

28 You Found Me - The Fray
29 We Are All On Drugs - Weezer
30 Move Along - All American Rejects
31 How to Save a Life - The Fray
32 A Message - Coldplay
33 Strange Kind of Love - Peter Murphy
34 You Can't Break a Broken Heart - Kate Voegele
35 Dark Blue - Jack's Mannequin

Such a beautiful song! The piano beat is so simple yet so elegant and catchy! This has been my favorite song for over 3 years now! I have literally played this song on my ipod more than 750 times!

36 We Might As Well Be Strangers - Keane
37 Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam
38 Run - Snow Patrol
39 Rest In Pieces - Saliva

The best song, I've ever heard...

40 Headlights - Dispatch
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