Best One True Pairing In the Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series

The list of the otps that make you fall in love and break your heart at the same time!

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1 Percabeth (Percy and Annabeth)

Percabeth is the cutest couple
They're ready to give up their lives for each other. And unlike jasper percabeth built up very slowly.
Relationships that are built up slowly last longer

Yep. No denying it. The best couple. Most developed. Sweetest.

They are ready to die for other

Percabeth is my otp. Plus Jason and Piper broke up in the 3rd book of TOA and Piper said “You thought what Apollo? That we’d be together forever like Percy and Annabeth? ” See even Piper agrees. And when Percy jumped into Tartarus with Annabeth and did everything to protect her my mind was screaming. I’m a Percabeth shipper for life!

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2 Solangelo (Nico and Will)

I love Solangelo. Nico, of all people, deserved a happy ending after all that he's been through. After he finally learned to accept himself, he found Will, who is totally cute and perfect for Nico. In the Hidden Oracle, my favorite parts were Solangelo. Also, they definitely have the best ship name in general; it sounds so cool! (Of course I also ship Percabeth who doesn't)

Solangelo is beautiful. It shows how much more accepting people are being to homosexuals and it makes me happy. They are a perfect example of "opposites attract" and I love it.

Sorry Percabeth I love yah but I can read solangelo fics ALL DAY! Their so cute but people hate them, because of their choice. Also it is amazing to see sun and darkness love each other so much!

Nico deserves someone! And it’s like light and darkness...perfect! SOLANGELO FOR LIFE! (I love Percabeth,’s solangelo) Plus, the ship name sort of means ‘sun angel when you think about it. Angelo means angel in Italian and sol means sun so...
Just yes. Just yes.

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3 Caleo (Leo and Calypso)

Nope. Leo was the character I was hoping would prove that he you don't need somebody to be happy. He was just way tooo awesome by himself (before BoO, I mean then Caleo was a bit dragged)

No. It's too forced and overall, horrible.

He deserves a girl.

To be honest I absolutely loved caleo until trials of apollo came out. the ENTIRE book calypso was completely rude to leo. I think rick was trying to go for the whole 'tough girl who doesn't depend on a man' thing but that only works if they haven't started a relationship yet, like percy and annabeth. with calypso, it just came off as rude, especially since she's dating leo. I mean she literally SHOUTED at him for saving her? what? - pjo

4 Beauredorf (Silena and Charles)


Ok, this is amazing, and no offense but Ikm kinda getting sick of percabeth.

It's Charlena.

5 Fazel (Frank and Hazel)

Honestly I don't ship this - pjo

It's Frazel...Goodness

How did this not get top 5? They r so cute!

It's frazel - pjo

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6 Jiper (Jason and Piper)

It is Jasper first of all. Second, this was the second most developed ship, closely followed by others. Jason sacrificed his life for Piper and THAT is a lot. Not to mention all the moments in HoO. But still, a weaker romance as the foundation was not strong and Piper had a lot of emotional issues. They broke up and SERIOUSLY? Solangelo is second? Hardly anytime together and hardly any development. Only saw each other in BoO and was cannon in though. But no major part there. So Jasper is officially dead now unless Jason is bought back from the dead.

It's Jasper ya dummies!

It's jaspar - pjo

7 Ellson (Ella and Tyson)

Why would you spell it like that?

You are the worst speller ever!

It's tylla you are the worst speller

it's tylla

8 Grastellan (Thalia and Luke)

Huh? Did you forget that she kicked him off a cliff? But in Diary of Luke Castellan I shipped it, though

It's Thaluke! get it right! one died one swore never to marry aka have a boyfriend. luke poisoned her! are you crazy?

Sry I hate luke and love thalia but I can't help but ship them!

Ok who would call it grastellan what it's thaluke - pjo

9 Clahris (Clarisse and Chris)

What it's Chrisse get it right and actully read the books

10 Posally (Poseidon and Sally Jackson)

Well... - Rye

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11 Lazel (Leo and Hazel)

Move it higher. Canon ship,

12 Juniver (Grover and Juniper)

Juniper...evil eye

13 Hazy (Hazel and Sammy)

I love this ship

14 Pipe (Piper and Leo)


15 Brason (Jason and Brick)

Yes should be #2 honestly, hated Caleo *shudders*

OTP, folks. O T P.

16 Pothena (Poseidon and Athena)

They are like my parents.

17 Perlia (Percy/Thalia)
18 Jeyna (Jason and Reyna)

Me likey me will fite-y

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1. Caleo (Leo and Calypso)
2. Percabeth (Percy and Annabeth)
3. Jiper (Jason and Piper)
1. Solangelo (Nico and Will)
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