Top 10 Online Chemistry Calculators

If you are studying chemistry you are bound to come across hundreds and thousands of equations. It is really hard for a person to remember all of them. So here goes a list of online tools that can truly help you a lot.

The Top Ten

1 Calistry

Gigantic collection of online chemistry calculator. Currently featuring about 70 of them. Features best chemical equation balancer. Android apps are also available.

Great and gigantic lists of calculators. Android apps are also available

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2 Easycalculation

Good collection, about 55 of them are there, however chemical equation balancer is missing in their list.

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3 Endmemo

Features 53 calculators. Endmemo's Chemical equation Balancer has unique suggest equation feature. url:

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4 Webqc

Relatively smaller number of calculators (15 of them are there)! They have a strong forum.

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5 Tutorvista

Uses 3rd party tools for making their calculators. They have nice tutorials too.

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6 Calculatoredge

Focuses on Chemical Engineering. Useful for engineering students but not for general students.

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7 Checalc

A different list of chemistry calculators. Based on Instrumental calculations.

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9 Swiftutors

Small collection of chemistry calculators. Includes tutorial.

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10 Chemiasoft

Very few chemistry calculators!

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The Contenders

11 Engineeringunits

Engineering Units Convert almost any measurement with this handy online converter. find 100+ free online unit converters or calculator here.

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