Top Ten Online Chemistry Tools and Resources

There are enormous numbers of resources online. However, it is very difficult for one to find and determine the ones that would serve the purpose. This list would greatly help those who are taking chemistry as a major.

The Top Ten Online Chemistry Tools and Resources


Enormously build! Evolving everyday

Protein data bank. Download the pdb file of nearly 100k proteins. Really important for research.


Search properties of a compound by drawing it or writing it's IUPAC name. By drawing the molecular structure you can easily get the IUPAC name and it's al kind of properties!


A complete list of organic name reactions (well 70 of them are there). Beautiful and useful.


A great and gigantic collection of online softwares for chemistry, like molecular weight calculators, balance chemical equation, gas laws calculators, slater's rule calculator etc. Great for doing homeworks!


Predict C or H NMR spectrum of any molecular structure!


Search chemistry open databases. Get spectral or other data's by searching a compound's name or structure.


Online chemistry simulations! HTML5 browsers required!


Some chemistry calculators, forums, and and unit converters!


Really really cool tutorial videos on elementary chemistry. High school students will be highly helped.


Amino Acid composition and theoretical pI calculator.

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Calculate Mass Required for Molar Solution

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