Top Ten Online Computer Games Many People Played When They Were Little

To qualify for this list, the game must be an online PC game that you or most kids probably would or would have played when you were still in earlier school. Feel free to talk about them here!

The Top Ten

1 Roblox

Still play a couple games on here like Theme Park Tycoon 2 or Phantom Forces with my brother. There's some actual quality games there if you look past the hundreds of Online Dater games. But I mostly played this when I was in elementary and earlier middle school, I was totally addicted to the point where my parents would get mad if I played too much! - Phillip873

2 Club Penguin

I loved Club Penguin when I was younger, when it wasn't deleted. I had so much fun socializing (though I think I OD'ed when I first joined... -cringe-) and playing Card-Jitzu or Sledding or all the other mini games. I had even more fun when I had the membership, because I turned my igloo into a restaurant! Good times.. - Phillip873

3 Minecraft

This game wasn't around that long, since 2011. This shouldn't be on the list. - Solacress

Best game to me after the release of Minecraft version 1.8.9! - kangarooderick

Best game since I bought it - kangarooderick

I used to love minecraft, I would have fun building houses with my brother or friends in creative mode, or playing spleef online! - Phillip873

4 Poptropica

This game was way too hard for me at times, but I still had fun playing it, and solving mysteries while socializing. - Phillip873

5 Toontown

Never played it, but I know how much people love this game. - Phillip873

I miss this game! I really loved this. - TheFourthWorld

6 Animal Jam
7 Neopets
8 Webkinz

Why hasn't anyone voted for this? I've been addicted to this game when I was a kid, I even loved the stuffed animals themselves. I would write stories about my webkinz, and I hope to start collecting them again sometime soon. - Hanjax70

9 Wizard101
10 Pírate101

The Contenders

11 Mega Man x RPG
12 Bin Weevils
13 Mario Party 8

This isn't a computer game - Solacress

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