Top 10 "Online Dater" Infected Games On Roblox


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1 The Complex

I see girls with 2.0s with crop tops everywhere with nerd glasses and cinnamon hair dating boys in tank tops with Candian beanie and midnight shades every time.

I remember when this was the place with the most ODers.
Now that this game's popularity died out, ODers are less common here. - wrests

2 Different Town of ROBLOXia
3 Boys & Girls Hangout

This should be the first on this list.

4 Highschool RP
5 Club Boates

It's still fun to dance around though.

6 Family RP Game
7 Adopt & Raise A Cute Baby

CRAZY ODER PLACE. Once, there was a guy saying take your clothes off to a girl. Then I went on there deck and I'm like hi. Then they awkwardly just said hi. This one guy kept chasing me and saying the other word for gender. There's normal Oders too. Also people say "Mommy milk" And I'm like GROSS. And there like *cutely sucks* EEWW Then after I say ew there like "it's a natural thing! " UM..MORE LIKE INNAPROPRIATE thing. It may be natural but u know where it comes from.

8 Meepcity

I like this game but whenever I attend a party, some player with "thicc" legs comes to me and says hi and I just dunno what to do!

This should be #1

9 After the Flash
10 Wolves Life 3

I bet people in fursuits play this game looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend

Wolves life 3 is my favorite game to play on ROBLOX but yes sometimes you do encounter some online daters :/

Probably The Worst Roblox Animal Dating Game...

The Contenders

11 PBS
12 Darkened Dawn
13 Royale High

Some People in there bio say "single" I find that a bunch in royal high! Royal high is a good game!,But there's online daters in it!

14 Boys and Girls Dance Club

Should be number 1 if anything there is lots of people that have (you know what) every time I get on that game. (disgusting people)

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1. The Complex
2. Different Town of ROBLOXia
3. Highschool RP


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