Top 10 Best Online Forums for Debating Comics, Anime, and Video Games

Overall the best Debating forums for Comics,Anime, and Video game based fictional series and includes real life and other such topics!

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1 VsBattles Wikia

It is part of wikipedia and iirc holds some licenses which makes it much stricter than other forums and the admins wouldn't allo any one to just edits infos on wiki if it is not in line with the source materials

As other have said, this is easily the most mainstream popular of all the options, and it is easy to see why for anybody who bothers to visit, as the place is extremely organised and well maintained. An absolute embarrassment like Fictional Battle Omniverse, run by an obsessive lunatic psychopath, doesn't even belong on this list, as VS Battles is several hundred times more popular.

The by far most popular fictional character statistics wiki in the world, with a very friendly and helpful community, and a staff that constantly works hard to improve the site.

Vsbattles wikia is commonly known as the sham of the debating community having to copy two completely known sources which includes Anime Character Fights and the infamous Outskirts Battle Dome they even copy pages to pages from both sources and will ban a member when proven wrong and having the most inaccurate battle profiles since it's creation since they copy dimensional tiers from ACF. - KamiTenchi

2 Take5 Forum/Wikia

Easily the best on the list.

T5 or Take5 is MVC shadow and wannabe having the same members and the same forum design it has the most annoying bunch of fans around the profiles are new and rarely researched and they allow guests to spam the board making the community unfun and very unfriendly. - KamiTenchi

3 Comicvine

Comicvine also known as CV is only known because of Search Engines with their death battle sections they have a high amount of Dbztards which gets in the way of debating but they do have DECENT debaters only because they constantly report people when they swear (Yes swearing is not allowed on CV lol.) they come in at number 2 because of the fact of Animevice downfall. - KamiTenchi

4 Animevice

Newly recreated on a proboards server the new Animevice forum/wikia is only placed number 3 only because a few amount of good members who can clown 5-10 of the others ranked on the list but they also have a few amount of downplay and a few amounts of dbztards but overall they are placed as number 3 for being active. - KamiTenchi

5 Fictional Battle Omniverse (Forum/Wikia)

Fictional Battle Omniverse is one of the most Googled debating websites and wikia with only 3 or 2 years on its establishment since 2014 having factual profiles and educational forum posts its one of the most successful places around only costing 13 million dollars! the wikia has now 1,000+ pages with characters, weapons, teams, races, powers and abilities, along with comic book and manga information. - KamiTenchi

Accurate Vsbattles is copy and paste no accurate information.

6 Death Battles (Forum/Wikia)

Death Battles is only new to the scene of the Debating forums but it has the best given battle profiles and a alright given design to the website not only are they fun and easy to be around but they are overall true debaters. - KamiTenchi

7 Lounge Moviecodec

Lounge Moviecodec or MVC is a forum where its notorious for Dragon Ball Z based debates and where they constantly downplay other series be it comics or video games MVC is known around the internet to be the home of Dbztardism which spawns Dbztards 24/7 they are also the shameful creators of the vsbattles wikia community which makes us wonder why they are still around due to them being hacked at least twice now along with having insulting,abusive, and immature staff members who can't debate to save their lifes. - KamiTenchi

8 KillerMovies

Killermovies is also known as KMC is a place nearly and almost like Naruto Forums and Lounge Moviecodec where they constantly overhype comics and video games but downplay anime making them anti-dbztardism they also have abusive staff mods who believe they are right when they are clearly wrong and will publicly edit posts because they got butthurt (Badabing). - KamiTenchi

9 Outskirts Battle Dome

OBD is probably the MOST infamous based forums/wikipedias around! having the most inaccurate and if not most ignorant profiles on the site starting with racial jokes and other such topics they are also home to Naruto Forums another place where members can't debate and where the information is functionally wrong but the only good thing about them is they aren't as biased as 9 and 10 are they equally are biased toward all genres. - KamiTenchi

10 Anime Character Fight Wikia

Originally made in Russian this place is notorious for having biased battle profiles with mostly hyped up anime battle profiles and the downplay for comic book based characters they mostly go by dimensional tiers and don't use real terms from comic books due to personal biased they also downplay video game based profiles. - KamiTenchi

A truly excellent wiki with extremely elaborate explanations and analyses for all of its statistics. Easily the best one on the list together with VSBattles.

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11 Animeclick
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