Top Ten Online Hotel Software Programs that are Compatible with Online Travel Agencies

If you are a hotel manager sooner or later you want to automate and optimize your business with an online hotel software. There are tons of great applications which can boost your income and make the work of your staff easier and the holiday of your guests more enjoyable. One of the decisions you have to make is the compatibility with online travel agencies (OTA) like TripAdvisor. You want to make sure that your choice of online hotel software has the means to connect with these agencies effortlessly.

The Top Ten

1 SabeeApp

This online software for hotels is specially tailored for small hotels, hostels, apartments and guest houses. The strenth of SabeeApp is that the software uses the technology of big hotel systems and optimises it for smaller ones. However the biggest boon of SabeeApp is that it can connect with 56 different OTAs with very little effort. - noranandoki

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2 Smoobu

Smoobu offers connection with 40 different OTAs. - noranandoki

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3 Xotelia

Xotelia can help choose the right OTAs and offers more than 25 possibilites to connect with. - noranandoki

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4 InnQuest

InnQuest software - roomMaster - integrates with a wide variety of systems to greatly increase your hotel's efficiency while significantly reducing expenses. Itt can connect with 24 different OTAs. - noranandoki

5 InnRoad

Innroad lets you connect with 18 OTAs and has options for you to connect with other booking channels if you ask for it. - noranandoki

6 Anand Systems

Anand Sytems SI CRS offers direct interface to all major OTA networks. This includes more than 12 OTAs. - noranandoki

7 Hoteliga

Hoteliga offers an integrated, home-made channel manager solution. It can be connected with 13 OTAs. - noranandoki

8 Sirvoy

Sirvoy lets you connect with iCal features to 12 OTAs and has integration with third-party channel managers. - noranandoki

9 OpenHotel

Openhotel has a GDS and OTA Integration with a single point of management with 8 different OTAs. - noranandoki

10 Myhotelline


Myhotelline allow you to manage multiple online channels and amplify your revenue. This means more than 7 OTA integrations. - noranandoki

The Contenders

11 Hotelica

Hotelica provides hotel booking software, make your indirect hotel bookings direct with Hotelica. It is an easy-to-use hotel management system for hotel bookings. Hotelica comes with a price which is light on your pockets.Hotelica helps you try the hotel management system with a no obligation 14-day free trial. - Umeshr

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