Kanban Tool


I find this tool to be extremely useful. Before using Kanban Tool, my Account Management team has been keeping time sheets that I built in Excel so that we could report on how we spend our time. My department is focused on finding as many efficiencies as possible in how we operate internally and support our clients so that our value can scale as much as possible. Kanban Tool is one of those major efficiencies!

Kanban Tool is just great. I'm not that into computers and apps, so sometimes using some kind of softwares and application is hard for me, but Kanban Tool is so intuitive, that I don't have any problems with using it! My favourite application so far!

Very easy to learn and use, very fast and flexible (you can customize almost everything - from card template to board). And my favourite feature: adding tasks via email.

I will be honest and I never liked all this organization tools, but Kanban is definitely worth using. Simple interface which let you organize everything very fast and clear. My work is easier thank to it and I can check my employees work just by checking kanban tool. Its great

Kanban Tool really stands out - it's simple yet super effective and really helps me to manage all of the tasks. The analytics are what I missed in other Kanban softwares - it makes it easy to set up prices when you're a freelancer and they pay you by time.

Still relatively new at this app, and not premium subscriber yet, but will consider it. Easy to use, clean design, intuitive. Also added benefit of Google and Android versions of app. This will be the one I commit to... For now.

The best Kanban program ever! Simple and intuitive layout but in the same time advanced tool for everyone!

I just love the simplicity and clarity of the service. It's easy to use and very effective. Don't see why would I ever need to give it up. Great stuff.

I was looking for a personal kanban application that help me to manage my tasks at job and at home. After some trials I found Kanban Tool. It's really easy to use and intuitive. Goal achieved!

Using Kanban Tool has been a wonderful journey so far. No other program comes even close in terms of intuitiveness and interface clarity. Our team has been using KanbanTool for over a year now and our productivity has been sky high.

Love the service, especially the new My Work widget, I can finally manage all of the boards that I'm involved in at one handy place. - BenW34

It is the most intuitive and easy on the eye Kanban software. Great for office purposes also. Tracking time option is an added bonus.

Visual effect is tremendous! With one look I know the status of all project's tasks.

A much less messier and much more pleasant alternative to Windows sticky notes I was previously using.

Loving the new Recurring Tasks - exactly what we needed!

I have to say - best time tracking and reporting I've seen so far.

Easy to setup and use - I've tried other solutions too but they are no match for this one.

Great selection of Power-Ups and integrated time tracking.

We manage three remote teams, so it is quite important for us to be able to oversee the work of our employees. This is when KanbanTool comes in handy. It tracks time and enables every bottlenecks to be spotted.

Simple, clear and easy to follow. Great service.

KanbanTool is simple to use, easy to organize, extremely handy tool to help with teamwork and assigning tasks within a group. Nice features, especially the seamless time-tracking that, deep analytic options, Android support and API options make for a pretty well rounded and useful tool that you can tailor pretty much to your teams needs. - MaeO

Love its simplicity and usefulness. - Alllie

Within minutes I was able to put together a board and start using it. Very intuative with a straightforward and effective design.

KT is nice to look at - you can create colorful boards which make even house chores more fun. There is so many applications of this tool. I use it at work too. I work from home twice a week but thanks to KanbanTool I can stay up to date at work. It's great for project development and even brainstorming.

Simple, fast, bright clear interface! The best I got since now, I had replaced my physical whiteboard!