Kanbanery has the best design and is the easiest to use of any of the Kanban tools out there. It's got a lot of features and tons of integrations (native and via Zapier) but all that power stays out of your way until you need it. It also has some of the best pricing of any tool out there.

I use Kanbanery to organize my professional & private work on a daily basis. It let's me to work smarter, not harder. The power of Kanbanery is in its simplicity. It lets me to keep my projects in one place and cooperate with my team and family. - GeekGirl1818

This is one of my favorite apps. The board looks nice and it has a lot of hidden features like keyboard shortcuts and automatic reports.

Absolutely the best project management application I've ever used. I can see what everyone's working on, but more importantly, I can eliminate email by chatting and sharing files directly in the task cards. Now that there's a chat right on the board, we don't even need to switch between Skype and Kanbanery. We've moved all our team chats right into our kanban boards. It's awesome!

Really good for a free tool (if there are just a couple of you) but it's also a good value for a bigger company. I'm using it alone now, but I think my company will start using it soon.

I've used most of the tools on this list, and Kanbanery is definitely the most powerful and easy to use. I started with the free plan, but now the whole company is using it and we've upgraded to the pro plan for the terrific metrics and customization features. It's a great value and a great tool. - sterjames

My favorite for years. There's been a lot of project management tools launched since I found Kanbanery, and from time to time I look at them, but Kanbanery is still the best of the bunch.

The paid version is still less than $5 per person, making Kanbanery not only the best project management tool out there, but also one of the cheapest!

I didn't choose Kanbanery. My company (Mozilla) uses it. It was easy enough to use, and I like how it's easy to see what I'm supposed to do each day and what everyone else is working on all on one screen.

Because: - it's free to use - easy to use - no(t too much) bells and whistles - provides a clear and easy overview - accessible anytime anywhere - can be shared and used for teams

The best thing about Kanbanery is probably the design, GitHub Integration (which I don't need) and iOS app.

Been using it for years. It's a great tool and saves me a lot of stress and confusion with my teams in India and Mexico.

Hands down the best tool for online Kanban. It doesn't micromanage what you can do with it.

Kanbanery offeres the best balance between ease of use and power I've seen. It doesn't get in the way when I'm doing personal Kanban, but it has all the features I need for managing projects with large teams, too.

Hands down the best task tracking tool on the internets. My wife, my kids, my boss, my clients, and my team all love it. I don't know how they managed to make a tool that everyone can use, but they did. - Worposs

I'm new to Kanban, and Kanbanery has made it really easy to get started. I'm sending a PHP project to an offshore team, and want to be able to manage it from here, and so far, it's going great!

We used Jira for years and it was a huge time sink. Kanbanery is easy to set up and to learn to use. It gives us everything we need, with none of the management overhead. - howard67

Easy to get started and it just works. I really like the weekly project summary emails, too. I forward them straight to my boss every week. - howard67

This is the only one on this list that I'd use, because it's the only one that works offline on my iPad.

I can't guess how much money we've saved in lost time spent in the morass of email and Slack and meetings about status reporting since switching from Jira to Kanbanery. We tried Trello, too, but the extra features of Kanbanery make it well worth the little bit it costs us. The team adopted it quickly and loves it and I love that I spend a lot less time on reporting to my boss and clients.

It's like Trello, but easier to use, nicer-looking, and has some cool reports.

Clean and simple. Very easy to use and just customisable enough to be useful. Great tool. - SarahM

I've been using Kanbanery at home and with my freelance clients for years, but I finally got my company to adopt it and it's been terrific. Kanbanery is so easy to learn and use. It has a great interface. It's not spammy like other task tracking tools and it integrates with everything I want it to (using Zapier). It plays nice with Github. What more could I ask for? Oh, and the iOS app works offline. - tiffymidgley

It's working really well for us. Like Trello, but with a better UI and more useful features.