Top 10 Best Online Kanban Tools for Business

After a few weeks of exploring and testing I have chosen a kanban tool for my company. Now, I would like to share with you of what I have found. I present you the list of the best, most intuitive and powerful, online kanban tools that are available on the market.

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21 ProofHub
22 Nutcache

Smart & simple collaborative project management web app with time tracking, invoicing and expense management. Its flexible collaborative boards allow for great Kanban setup.

I use it with my team and its free!


Yanado is super easy to use Kanban enabled project management tool that works within Gmail. You can put your tasks and emails into Kanban structure and managed them accordingly.

24 RealtimeBoard

It's just like the real whiteboard (which is required for Kanban board), but located in the cloud - simple and useful!

25 QuickScrum
26 Pipedrive

Kanban tools are often used in software development and in sales as a way of understanding how far along the process either a software development task or a sales deal currently is. In software development, the Kanban approach helps limit the work in progress so that all the tasks in works get enough attention. In sales, the Kanban board are called sales pipelines. The sales pipeline is a systematic and visual approach to selling a product or service, and it usually includes the following four metrics: number of deals, average size of a deal, close ratio, sales velocity.Use Kanban tool built on a sales pipeline. Gathering the data displayed above on a more regular basis takes a lot of time and effort. Using a Kanban sales pipeline tool such as Pipedrive will help you make that process easier, save you time, and literally show you where the money is.

I tried this one, because it's focussed on sales, but I was already using Kanbanery for my sales management and since I use it for IT, recruitment management, and personal task management too, I don't see any point in using a different tool just for sales.

27 KanBo

Visual project management & contextual collaboration tailored to business. Integrates with Office365 and SharePoint. Runs in the cloud and on prem.

Daily work with KanBo improve productivity every team. Contextual collaboration this is it!

The only Kanban Software on the market that integrates into the Microsoft environment on premise as well as in Office365. It integrates with Skype, Outlook, Office, OneDrive and Active Directory.

Great Tool to improve productivity

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28 Visum

Built for managing portfolio execution. Strong analytics.

29 Taskulu

Easy an intuitive Kanban software. I love the division of ToDo/Doing/Done in any list.

Next-Gen Role Based Project Management Platform.Really great and intuitive!

With Selection for list not need Swimlines, very fast and easy.

30 Brightpod

Brightpod is a stress-free way for marketing teams to manage their campaigns and collaborate in real-time.

Most marketing teams currently use a general purpose project management tool. With Brightpod, we make it easy for them to plan, organize & track all their digital marketing projects in one place.

Clients are spending more and more money on Digital marketing. Marketing firms have more work that they can handle. This is where Brightpod comes in.

Key Features & Benefits:
1. Ready-made marketing workflows (for Google Adwords, Social Media, Email Marketing etc.) to help marketers save time. It has ready-made marketing workflows. In addition, teams can save and reuse their workflows too.

2. Kanban style flow view to plan and assign tasks easily. It is as simple as dragging things around. You can even drag and drop a person's thumbnail onto a task for assignment. Think of this as "agile marketing".

3. Brightpod even has an editorial calendar to help ...more

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31 Teamput

Create kanban board with rich visual collaboration behind the cards. Super simple and effective.

32 Twproject

It's not just a kanban tool, it's much more than that because you can manage your projects with agile methods or not. Twproject includes all the agile management: sprint creation, backlog, kanban organizer but also Gantt charts for a more "old school" task management.

Twproject has an amazing Kanban tool, the best part of it is that we can have several projects, some managed with scrum and others not, it has a great Gantt chart too!

33 Kanban for WordPress

A complete project management suite for your WordPress site!


Originally made for Scrum, this tool offers a powerful set of board manipulation and metric capabilities that can beat the best Kanban tool. Most folks use it for scrumban.

35 Eylean Board

Eylean Board is an intuitive and effective Kanban tool. This Software specializes in all things Agile and will treat you with predefined Boards, WIP limits, reports and much more. And all of it can be fully customized as well.

37 HiTask

Not a kanban tool but great for task management.

Nice UI. Very cheap for the features it provides.

38 Kanbanara

After five years of near-continuous development, the source code to Kanbanara, a web-based project management system using the kanban methodology, has now been open-sourced under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3. Kanbanara has been developed in Python 3.6 and utilises CherryPy as its web framework and MongoDB as its NoSQL database system.

See or for further information.

Even though the development of Kanbanara is well advanced in some areas, such as the kanban board itself, other aspects of the application require a little more attention.

In order to attract new co-developers, it is my intention to set up a United Kingdom-based charity, Kanbanara Software Foundation, once a number of additional potential trustees come forward so as to allow the source code to have a legal entity, other than myself, as its owner.

Should you like what you see and wish to get involved, please ...more

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