This Tool is an amazing piece of technology. It supports all kind of organizational project steering needs. The easy to use GUI allows even crossreferences over several projects or collections. Adding, editing, sorting, filtering and modifying the tasks in several views is so quick and well thought, that everybody could learn it in minutes. Simple, impressive piece and best support for your evil genius plans.

Great tool for organizing my daily work

After exploring multiple platforms, I have been very happy to test Zenkit. I now use it daily as my go-to project management tool and have recommended it to industry peers.

This service is s game changer. Still in very new, it allows for multiple ways to see your information like never before.

I've been looking for the ideal project management and ideation tool for years now and I think I've found it in Zenkit. Its simple yet powerful building blocks make it perfect for even the most complex of projects (as mine happens to be) and yet its UI remains uncluttered. Instead of seeing a whole bunch of unnecessary information as in JIRA, or being stuck with a simple yet feature-poor product as with Trello, I can, using the building blocks Zenkit provides, easily and intuitively create virtually whatever project management solution I want.

We were using Trello, but have switched completely over to Zenkit. It makes the task of managing multiple programs, projects, task lists, priorities, and workflows dead simple. I quickly toggle between views and am allowed to add parameter types to make the tool even more useful... I am still discovering new ways to engage with it to plan and drive our work and have not one negative thing to say about the tool. Although we could customize the theme, Zenkit's default UI is so engaging, we just don't want to.

Zenkit is beautiful, functional and designed from the ground up with the user in mind. The GUI is super friendly and intuitive. Creating complex list and being able to display the results in kanban is awesome. We plan to use Zenkit as much as we can and ween off trello in the near future.

Zenkit is a kanban board, spreadsheet, calendar, todo list, and mindmap, all rolled into one. Like a swiss army knife of tools. In terms of kanban, it offers custom fields, swimlanes, labels, and allows you to switch around list headers (for example, by progress, or by priority, or even by team member). I absolutely love it for that feature alone! It's packed with features but is pretty simple to use. The beta is coming out at the moment and you can sign on at www.zenkit.com - sororke

Love the way I can swap the Kanban view around by criteria I define - project, priority, workflow status... and the other different views make maintenance simple. I have imported all of my Trello boards and haven't been back to Trello since!

Best by far... I have hated tools like this for years and Zen kit was the first one to blow me away… At every turn. I have my entire team learning it now.

I tried several solutions and Zenkit easily stand out of the crowd.
Friendly user and beautiful interface. The different visualizations and the option across them. The ease to switch between label dimensions and to import. Great for personal daily work, group planification and even the presentation of static cells. Impressive. Can't wait to see how it'll evolve.