Top Online Kanban Tools for Small Teams

This list aims at starting a discussion about perfect Kanban tools for small teams. First, I would like to share some of my suggestions and opinions. Please, contribute: share your ideas and experiences!

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1 Kanban Tool

This tool helped me in many ways, not only in work but also in home! My family is big and needed more organization. Thanks to simple interface my whole family is able to use it. Now I know what my family is working on which wasn't possible due to fact I'm spending most of my time in job. Very functional tool.

This tools has changed my team. Now, we are 10x more productive and finish all contracts on time. Beautiful, simple tool with amazing features to that boosts results. - marcoff

Since I've start using it two months ago, I can't say a bad word about it. Basically, I use it for almost everything. Have also an app. Now they introduced new colors of cards, comments and other things. It's even better!

It is very easy to use and helped me a lot with organization of my proffesional work and also with everyday tasks. I couldn't live without it now!

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2 SwiftKanban

The best Kanban tool available in the market right now. We used it to track some of our high ticket projects and

- overall experience: complicated but powerful. It may be too complex for a small team.
- team management: adding new users, access management
- work organization and visibility: assigning people to boards, tasks, to-do list items, swimlanes
- real-time collaboration: threaded discussions, instant chat and group discussion with members of the entire board.
- displaying on a T.V. screen -? - margaret_louis

3 Zenkit

Zenkit is a collaborative tool for project management, task management and many more. Create simple lists up to a large table and database. You can assign tasks, comment or add files and other information to every task. - JessiLu

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4 Lean Kit (Kanban)
5 KanbanFlow

- overall experience: simple but poor in features (they are available in premium plan... )
- team management: adding new users (with an without invitation), access management
- work organization and visibility: assigning people to boards, tasks, swimlanes,
- real-time collaboration: comments, sharing files ( Dropbox or Google Drive. )
- displaying on a T.V. screen - No - margaret_louis

6 Kanbanery

We use it at my shop. I like it. It's easier to use than anything else I've seen and it makes staying up to date really easy. - hellenayounger

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7 Kanbanchi

A great app which is simple to use and nicely integrates with Google Drive. It's very easy to collaborate with others and share documents. - epinephrinne

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Simple, intuitive, and most important - an app that actually helps you manage emails and tasks, giving you the option to delegate them to your team. No more "email maintaining," Flow-e is an actual solution to the chaos we all face in our inboxes. - MilaCh

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