Top 10 Seo Site Actions for a Business

Find out what the top ten website actions you can take for your business.
The Top Ten
1 1 H1 Per Page

Just as reading a book it would be confusing to have two chapter 1's. Help search engines by laying out your site in an optimize format.

2 Use descriptive file names for images

Tell search engines what a picture is instead of having them guess. It will help you rank your images for relative searches.

3 Have a web page for each service

Dedicating a page to each of your services will help search have a better understanding about each one. It will also generate more content around that specific service and tell search that you have a whole page that can help someone find what they are looking for.

4 Write enticing meta descriptions to get people to click

Get people to your site and write meta descriptions that gets people's attention. Try special characters to help it stick out.

5 Use keyword in page title

Having the keyword in the page title helps search and users know that the page is relative to what they are looking for.

6 Have more internal links go to your primary services

In your blogs or sub service pages link back to the primary services. The more links going to the primary service the more that link juice will be passed.

7 Submit a sitemap to Google and Bing webmaster tools

Why let them guess what pages you have when you can tell them exactly what they are.

8 Add schema to the pages

Use schema to let search know about the basic information of the page.

9 Use the same exact NAPW (name, address, phone, website) everywhere

Don't mix it up and make it hard for search to figure out how to correlate your information on other sites that are saying you are great. Make it easy for them to figure it out and give you the credit.

10 Hire an Expert SEO Company
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