Top Ten Online Resources for ESL Students

There are millions of people learning English as a second language all over the world. With so many online resources that can make the process easier, learning a new language is more accessible than ever. However, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of websites, apps and tools that offer ESL materials. The following list of top 10 websites can serve as your navigation tool on the quest for the perfect online educational resources.

The Top Ten

1 Kenneth Beare’s ESL Blog

Kenneth Beare is an ESL expert who offers regular posts at this website. The content includes advice on word usage, grammar, and other aspects that can help non-native English speakers to improve their usage of this language. - BarbaraSickels

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2 NinjaEssays

ESL students have to deal with loads of academic writing, which doesn’t come easy for most of them. Ninja Essays offers an effective solution by assigning a writer with suitable experience and knowledge to each customer’s project. In addition, ESL learners can also get their content edited and realize what mistakes they commonly make during writing. - BarbaraSickels

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3 ESL Podcast Blog

With the help of this podcast, ESL students can learn how to pronounce English words and use them in a conversational context. The best part is that the podcasts use typical social situations, pop culture and current events to illustrate the concepts in a way you can understand. - BarbaraSickels

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4 English Media Lab

This website is one of the greatest online resources for ESL exercises. The audio and video materials introduce English pronunciation and vocabulary through an easy-to-understand approach. The lessons and quizzes are suitable for beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced ESL students. - BarbaraSickels

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This online project is focused on ESL students whose native language is Spanish. They can learn English vocabulary through different pictures and simple guides. - BarbaraSickels

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At this website, you can access a great base of exercises on tenses. You can start improving your grammar skills by practicing positive and negative sentences, as well as questions in simple present, present progressive, past progressive, simple past, present perfect simple, and all other tenses used in English language. - BarbaraSickels

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7 Vancouver Community College, ESL Programs

Vancouver Community College provides different resources to help ESL students improve their vocabulary and grammar usage. There are different programs you can explore at this website: College Preparatory English, English Language Services for Adults, English language Skills, Professional and Career English, Homefront Learning (for learners at home), and more. - BarbaraSickels

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Video materials for ESL learners are really effective, but it’s not easy to locate them online. At this website, you can access video exercises on different subjects and get more specific information on English language usage. The main idea behind this concept is to save the learners from frustration during their first weeks and months in an English-speaking environment. - BarbaraSickels

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9 Rong-Chang

The website looks too plain, but don’t let its unappealing design prevent you from trying it. You can use it to test your English comprehension and writing skills through scrambled sentences in different tenses. - BarbaraSickels

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10 ESL Galaxy

This is a great resource of various grammar writing exercises for ESL students. You can start improving your English writing skills by practicing with gap exercises, sentence scramble picture descriptions, and more. The materials are classified into beginner, intermediate, and high levels. - BarbaraSickels

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11 To Fluency

To Fluency shows you how to learn English in the most effective way so that you can become fluent as fast as possible - OlehSliusar


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13 Duolingo
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