Top Ten Online Tax Preparation Websites

Filing taxes online has become THE way to file taxes each year and it will save you a ton of money. Why pay $500 at a local tax office or $100 for tax software. Use one of these sites to file your taxes online for a great price.

The Top Ten

1 OnePriceTaxes OnePriceTaxes

Quality service at a great price. Valuable and user friendly web site. I use them every year. Customer support was prompt and helpful.

Excellent service at a fantastic price!

I filed my taxes with Turbo Tax last year and there was an error on their education credits. Thank god I checked OnePriceTaxes out and got the right numbers so I could amend my return.

Easy to use website and they charge one fee for both state and federal tax preparation. - rje0929

Love the service and the price! Highly recommend to anyone looking to file their taxes!

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2 Free Tax USA


Been using it since 2006, it works, it is free for federal and about 10 bucks for state return!

Easy to use Anyone can use it

FreeTaxUSA allows your to file your taxes easier at a much lower price!

3 TaxSlayer TaxSlayer is a company providing online tax preparation software for Americans to electronically file their federal and state income tax returns.

The best price. Solid service. Easy to use. Liked it better than the other online companies. Looks like they are doing more in mobile, which is important to me. Service was far better when I had questions.

I have used tax slayer for the past 3-4 years now. Tax Slayer makes doing my taxes very easy, yet thorough, and all for a great price. I'm very satisfied.

Beautifully designed site with interview style tax preparation all for a very good price. - rje0929

THE BEST. Good price. Good service!

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4 TurboTax TurboTax TurboTax is an American tax preparation software package developed by Michael A. Chipman of Chipsoft in the mid-1980s.

What a hassle. After 2+ hours I'm all done and they tell me $59 to finish and file.

What a waste of time. Things just did not work right. The website took me around in circles and was EXTREMELY CONFUSING!


Comprehensive tax preparation website that meets every need. - rje0929

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5 TaxCut

Very user friendly tax website with a low fee for service. - rje0929

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7 TaxCut

Fast, easy and free if you are a student with little income.

A very reliable tax preparation program offered by HR Block. - rje0929

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8 CompleteTax Visit Website9
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Website offers free tax preparation software for 1040ez tax returns. Taxpayers who need to file a 1040A or full 1040 will need to pay a fee for the software, but generally, it is less than what the big brands charge.

Less expensive than most of the others here.

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The Contenders

11 TaxSimple
12 UsTaxFiler

This site is new, just as effective and user friendly and cheaper

13 TaxBrain TaxBrain
14 Encore Tax
15 Credit Karma

Just fabulous, user friendly, complete. E file for free.

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