Best Ten Online Tools to Beat Procrastination

We all know that procrastination can be a real nightmare. So, I narrowed down several online tools: applications and browser extensions that can help you to triumph over putting off things for later.

The Top Ten

1 Kanban Tool

Simple online application that allows you to visualize your work and track working time. Definitively dealt procrastination at work as it makes your activities perfectly visible to your co-workers. No cheating! - margaret_louis

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2 StayFocusd

Browser plugin that block access to time-consuming websites. Perfectly simple! - margaret_louis

3 Strict Workflow
4 Remember the Milk
5 Chime

Chrome extension that aggregates all of your notifications from all of your social media sites in one place. - margaret_louis

6 White Noise

Chrome extension that generates a soothing buzz of background noise that blocks out other unwanted noises and allows you to focus. - margaret_louis

7 Evernote
8 RescueTime

Online application that helps you understand how they spend their time on the computer. - margaret_louis

9 Wunderlist

Chrome application for to-do lists. - margaret_louis

10 TrackingTime

Chrome application that help you track working times and measure productivity. - margaret_louis

The Contenders

11 Kanbanery
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