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21 Brampton Brampton Brampton is a city in Southern Ontario, Canada. It is a suburban city in the Greater Toronto Area and the seat of Peel Region.

Brampton has been a dangerous city since the mid 90's and saying otherwise is ignorant. It's not a racial issue it's a social issue. When the development boom started in the 90's the urban sprawl created 2 of many cascading issues still being felt today. 1) not enough police to patrol the many new sub divisions. 2) infrastructure that cannot handle the added population. The added population comes from immigration and families coming from east Toronto.

I was born and raised here and I think the city is quite nice. Very multicultural, race has never been an issue anywhere.

Brampton is a Working class city. Overall fair quality of life.

Nice city for new immigrant and all multicultural People

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22 Wawa Wawa

You know that Wawa is actually a town in Ontario, right?

Geese really people! Wawa?

23 Kitchener Kitchener

Kitchener is where I lived my whole life so far. I love it so much here. I know it really well and it's calming and just feels so much like home. I wouldn't live anywhere else in the entire world then kitchener!

I live Kitchener, its vibrant. Lots of walking trails, parks, culture and beautiful downtown.

My birthplace! - BKAllmighty

Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobaine

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24 Cambridge
25 Paris Paris

Paris is beautiful and good town

Please go here bro it so rocks coolbeans bro

good town

26 Collingwood
27 Waterloo Waterloo

Waterloo has gone traffic circle crazy; one right after another, makes you dizzy.

It is the best

Great schools for my kids friendly neighbors to

28 Sarnia Sarnia

I was born in Sarnia a few decades ago and I have retired here now. The city policies have not changed much to allow out of the box creative community facilities or functions, however, the climate, access to lake and river, and the friendly helpful people make it a wonderful place to be "all that you can be in Ontario". Dream it, Plan it, Believe it!

World renown Blue flag beaches. Great fishing on turquoise blue water. Less pollution than historically known for due to the economic changes that have effected all of Ontario and closing of the coal hydro plant. No traffic. Affordable living. Moderate climate. Close to London and Michigan. Considerate it

I was raised in Sarnia and attended high school there. Glad I grew up there. Sarnia has changed a lot in the last few years and for the better. The parks and beaches are fantastic and the area around the Bluewater Bridge (Point Edward) is amazing. It's a summer city but in the winter there is not much going on. It's still better than London.

My home city. Downtown is improving. I've never heard the term "Junky Alley" about downtown untill I read reviews from NON locals. Sarnia is NOT polluted, Windsor, different story. Our 'chemical' valley is several kilometres south from our downtown. Our beautiful St. Clair river runs south. Again, bummer for Windsor. We here in Sarnia have some of the most beautiful waterfronts in Canada as several articles over the years suggest. Our CLEAN water, that surrounds several kilometres of amazing beach front speaks for itself. Phenomenal sunsets looking west from the beach is a sunset any viewer will not soon forget.

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29 Whitby
30 Oshawa

It doesn't have a big reputation, but it's a fantastic city with an all around great living experience!

I have lived in Oshawa since May 1991, raising my family here, it is a really great city with a lot to offer.

North Oshawa Is Nice with newer housing and shopping.

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31 Pickering
32 Orillia

Orillia is a beautiful 150 year old town (population 30,000) on two lakes (Simcoe and Couchiching) about 1 hour and 15 minutes north of Toronto. It offers year-round outdoor activities including boating, swimming, fishing in the summer, snowmobiling, downhill and cross country skiing, and skating in the winter. A new multi use recreation facility is scheduled for completion next year 2017. It has great public and separate schooling plus a Georgian College campus and a Lakehead University campus in town and is the home of the Ontario Provincial Police headquarters. It offers a first class 230 bed hospital in the Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital, numerous churches and plenty of culture including the Stephen Leacock Museum, the Opera House Theater, the Orillia Museum of Art and History, a large new Public Library, two weekly Farmer's markets, the annual Mariposa Festival and many street festivals. There are three large shopping plazas plus a new Costco to be completed this year 2016 ...more

Awesome lake town with good amenities

33 Vaughan Vaughan

A very large Muslim community that does not support other businesses other than their own.

City with a enormous potential

Enormous potential only if your Muslim

I would stay away. The people are rude.

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34 Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is a beautiful centralized city in Northwestern Ontario. It has everything...hunting, fishing, scenery, arts, university, college and four seasons. It is an isolated community that is trying to be as big as and on the scale of Toronto. Taxes are very high, drugs and crime are above average and politicians that don't care.

If you've never been there, you've got to go. Lake Superior is breathtakingly gorgeous!

35 Tecumseh
36 Bracebridge
37 North Bay

It's a great city to live in with many all season activities to choose from. It's on a beautiful lake for all kinds of water sports and a ski hill in the middle of the city. Hiking trails as well as trails for ATV's and snowmobiles. Low crime rate and very safe.

A short 3 ½ hour drive from either Toronto or Ottawa, this friendly and inviting city is a popular year round destination. Offering plenty of activities, amenities and services to meet your needs, North Bay's vibrancy is only exceeded by its hospitality! Whether planning an activity filled getaway or more of a "time out" from your hectic life

The best place in the world!

North Bay has two beautiful lakes and the waterfront is a great place to walk and go to the beach. But unfourtantly with huge cut backs to gov jobs air base 2000 employees in the 60s 70s 90s to 600 now plus job losses in other sectors well let's say it use to be a wonderful city but has become more expensive to live between high taxes and water meters P 3 hospital which cost more and huge bed cuts and job losses 153+ higher gas prices 102.9 compared to 99 or 97 higher rent for apartments the 3 top employers are the hospital school board college base and the city. Not good a good tax base to depend on when government jobs are being cut. My children have had to leave this s area moving south in order to obtain jobs and jobs that pay more than 11.25 hour. After living here for for over 40 years will be moving south after retirement

38 Aurora

Pretty town surrounded by farms and forests, yet close to Toronto. Friendly residents and all amenities. If you can't find something in Aurora, there is our neighbouring town of Newmarket beside us to the north. Easy drive to Toronto for theatre, concerts and sporting events. Low crime and fresh air. What's not to like!

Beautiful city, fantastic schools and wonderful amenities...Country living with all the benefits of big city life. A+++

Love, Love, Love Aurora... But expensive. Prices of homes gone through the roof.

Good family place. Great schools, activities, trail system. Town is clean, roads well maintained, nice neighbourhoods. Not too much excitement though.

39 Brantford

My home town. I don't know how to describe It! The crime is not as bad as people think. I have only seen 3 crimes (They only happened because someone got mad) and I'm 16...Oh boy. The people who live here are wonderful. My best friend is so kind! He does pretty much anything I ask him. Hmm. Let me mention a few. Bought us tickets for Jurassic World,Bought me 2 Wii U Games, And we went to Niagara Falls (We both payed) You may think of him as my slave but he is so nice. He doesn't do It because I order him to it's because were Besties. Anyways there's only one negitave I can think of. The roads. Are. Terrible.

I live here. It's wonderful. Tons of nice people, Fum activities (Good restersnts, Nice Parks etc. ) I don't see crime often. Last time I saw a crime was 11 years ago.

40 Fort Erie
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