Top Ten Ontario Cities


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41 Fort Erie
42 LaSalle
43 Essex
44 Amherstburg

Amherstburg is a nice old place it right by Windsor so fun too.

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45 Port Colborne V 1 Comment
46 Huntsville
47 Bolton

Lots of Industry and jobs there...

48 Hawkesbury
49 Woodstock

Historical city at the seat of Oxford County

50 Arthur
51 Leamington V 2 Comments
52 Smooth Rock Falls
53 Belle River

I love this town! Quiet, friendly and well planned. Beautiful parks and waterfront!

54 Perth

Very beautiful little town with a lot of history

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55 Ajax

South Ajax has a beautiful waterfront trail for runners, bikers, walkers, etc. The parks along the waterfront are also gorgeous and very spacious. There are activities for the whole family so people can be as active or as relaxed as they wish to be. When you frequent the waterfront enough, you get lucky and see critters such as foxes, deer, bunnies, herons, beavers, swans and ducklings. It really is a great part of the town to live in or visit.

Beautiful and undeveloped waterfront, by far the best in the Grand Theft Auto. Tonnes of open park space, kilometres of biking/running/walking trails, and gorgeous views both East and West. Feels like a different world than North Ajax (which is way to busy and congested), great place to escape, relax, be active, and reconnect with the outdoors.

I lived in Ajax for a little over a year now and I love it! My favourite part of town is the waterfront trail. Downtown Ajax construction is expected to be completed in 2020. Very exciting!

56 Simcoe

Simcoe is the best place to move in Ontario because it has a beautiful landscape full of farm animals and is full of farm fields and has really nothing to do. Simcoe is a great place to move

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57 Richmond Hill

Not a friendly town. Insane traffic and lots of rude people. Would not recommend living here. Overpriced.

They are throwing up condos like crazy all along yonge street. Like 10 of them. Traffic will be insane. Mostly Chinese.

58 Lakeshore
59 Strickland

Who would have thought Musquito, Black Flies, Bruleau's and the great ton a Cheval would all enjoy dinner together? Besides that we married our cousins

60 Carleton Place V 1 Comment
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