Top 10 Most OP Hacked Ability Pokemon

While abilities make Pokemon balanced, putting some abilities on Pokemon would make them ridiculously overpowered. Here are some Pokemon that would be a pain to fight with a certain ability.

The Top Ten

1 Sturdy Shedinja

Actually, no. Sturdy only allows a Pokémon to survive one hit that would faint them. Therefore, it would make Shedninja a 2 hit ko Pokémon always.

Can do very little to get it to faint then.

2 Levitate Raikou

No weakness on a legendary doesn’t sound good. - Advanceshipper

3 Wonder Guard Regigigas

A legendary where you can only attack it with 1 type of attacks. No thanks. - Advanceshipper

4 Huge Power Regigigas

160*2=yikes - Advanceshipper

5 Huge Power Slaking

There’s a reason he has truant. - Advanceshipper

6 Lightning Rod Gyarados

No more weakness for gyarados (unless you mega evolve it). - Advanceshipper

Well, besides rock, but most rock types are slower & most likely would get wrecked by gyarados before attacking - Advanceshipper

7 Sap Sipper Swampert

This also counts for quagsire, wishcash, Gastrodon, & palpatoad. This would mean no weakness for them. - Advanceshipper

8 Innards Out Blissey

This would mean you’d defeat it by taking an eternity on it, or most likely sacrificing a Pokemon to get rid of it. - Advanceshipper

9 Flash Fire Ferrothorn

While fighting he’ll still be weak to, it won’t hinder him much with it’s defenses. And while feedothorn can’t use the boost from getting hit by a fire attack, it gets rid of his major weakness. - Advanceshipper

10 Wonder Guard Sableye

Before gen 6, this would mean it can’t get hit, & would be the same if spirtomb had this ability. Still, only being able to attack this Pokemon with fairy moves would be annoying - Advanceshipper

The Contenders

11 Volt Absorb Gyarados
12 Huge Power Mega Heracross
13 Huge Power Mega Mewtwo X
14 Wonder Guard Eternamax Eternatus
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