Top Ten Most OP Heroes In Castle Clash

A short list of the most OP- not the most important (so I wont Place pd or druid very high)- heroes in castle Clash spring 2015.

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21 Thunder God

Has fraking ability and almost the best in overall

Together with druid, he is the most price Worth hero in the game. He is the best shard hero and has a �'n ability that can be controlled. he can snipe heroes in raids and tank in arena. In high ability lv he can target a lot of units and easily take down hordes of heroes or troops in hbm. Tg is a crucial hero for low lv teams. - chribba

22 Rockno

He is beast and can kill all yours enemy team alone

One of the best... it can take on multiple heroes at once and is great for every gamemode in Castle Clash.

23 Paladin

The main reason why I think he is a decent hero is due to,
A. He is cheap and easy to get at low levels, He is also insanely easy to evolve or double evolve. While he is obviously not the best in almost every category, He still has one thing... Cheap.

He is the most op hero in the game because he sucks

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24 Orksbane

I rolled this guy with level 2 revive. Is a beast tank and a great secondary healer with druid

King of battling bosses. He deals high damage, debuffs movement speed and heals very much. Has the highest hp in the game, and due to his proc which doesn't have cooldown he is one of the strongest tanks in cc. When buffed atck speed he can start healing up to 20 targets while crushing the enemies. While all you heroes are stunned/freezed, this guy comes and rescues them with his heal. - chribba

25 Angel

Strongest heal for a single target and very cheap for being the best.

26 Medusa

Love the way she stops and freezes enemies in the Arena, then I let my range shooters like SB, DD, HQ, do their job, she is also helpful during castle crisis because she freezes or kill entire waves of enemies if she level enough...

27 Immortep

First AoE hero in cc and made it possible to beat J. He can deal massive damage to both heroes and Buildings and can hit targets 10 times without problem.

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28 Druid


he's good

29 Demogorgon

Prepare to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to try and get this elusive beast. He is an event hero only (go figure)... He is hands down the most overpowered hero in the game. People are like what about skull knig ht? y es skull knight is scary but pinned up 1 on 1 Demo usually wins that fight. If you get him you are one lucky bastard and I hate you.

30 Succubus

Op in arena 5/5 revite deals massive damage to the enemy base along with sk and pd unstoppable

31 Gelatinous Champion

The original best gangster to boost up your skills at the beginning.

32 Trixie Treat

Trixie Treat, pd, and santa just destroy bases

33 Lady Leo

I have this in my smurf and looks strong because he can instantly destroy the building in just 1 hit...she can even kill the enemy's hero in just 1 hit of his talent...

Dude this is like say Driad (dryad) is the best stunner. The lady leo is awful.

Great for LBF!

34 Asa
35 Skeletica
36 Marauder

Because who doesn't want this very ordinary rare legendary evolved and double evoked hero

37 Grizzly Reaper

I think this one should be in the List, because he has high DPS, a great heal and is even shardable. With berserk and under attack he is almost unkillable.

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