Top 10 Open World Racing Games

Not all racing games have to have an arcade feel or any kart style vehicles with items galore. These racing games allow you to drive around the digital world, and that’s it. These are the top ten open world racing games.

The Top Ten

1 Forza Horizon 4 Forza Horizon 4 Product Image

Damn right this is the best open-world racing game. No other has done it better.

I am getting it for christmas

Definitely the best open world racer in my opinion. Forza Horizon 4 has a beautiful open world where you can just chill, and drive. It’s such a relaxing game if you’re in the mood for a virtual drive. I love this game. It’s definitely my favorite racing game ever.

2 Need For Speed Underground 2 Need For Speed Underground 2 Product Image

Pretty damn good, one of my favorite games of all time.

I used to have the game and play it all the time

I used to play this all day long.

The first NFS to use an open world area to drive around. This is my favorite NFS game, and the open world is pretty fun to drive around. Plus, they’re aren’t any cops chasing you down, so that’s nice. The car customization is also pretty fantastic as well. Overall, a solid racing game.

3 Forza Horizon 3 Forza Horizon 3 Product Image

Forza Horizon 3 is definitely another solid entry in the Forza Horizon series. Since it takes place in Australia, you get to drive on beaches, and the vast desert. Needless to say, FH3 is definitely another solid racing game.

If I had an XBox One, I would definitely buy Forza Horizon.

4 Midnight Club: Los Angeles Midnight Club: Los Angeles Product Image

Midnight Club Los Angeles is tons of fun. The gameplay is so fast, and fresh. Rockstar definitely makes the best open world games, and this game is no exception. Sadly this was the last Midnight Club game ever to release. Shame, because the Midnight Club series is heavily underrated.

5 Need for Speed: Most Wanted Need for Speed: Most Wanted Product Image

I know this game is going to be voted up above Underground 2 because everyone loves this game so much. I don’t blame them. This game is awesome. You get to drive around the day time, and you get to do some epic police chases. Plus the car customization, and story is pretty great. This game is definitely awesome.

6 Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix Product Image

Another game that might be voted about Los Angeles because this is everyone’s favorite Midnight Club game. Midnight Club 3 is pretty fun. The open world is fun to drive around, and the races are or fun. Might not be my favorite Midnight Club game, but it’s a close second.

7 Need for Speed Heat Need for Speed Heat Product Image

I will going to get the game when it comes out

You might be surprised to see this one on here. The NFS games have returned to glory with this entry in the 25 year old series. This game is awesome. Ghost Games definitely stepped it up after 3 letdowns. This game has a fun open world. Palm City is a blast to drive around. And if you don’t want any cops chasing you down, you can always enter the day time mode where there’s no cops in site. Plus, the car customization is perfect. And the story was surprising not bad. Overall, this is the best NFS since MW 2012, and HT 2010. This game is a lot of fun. Good job EA, you actually did something good for once.

8 Burnout Paradise Burnout Paradise Product Image

This game was always a blast from the past for me, stupenduous soundtrack, graphics and "side missions". I think the only problem with this game is its vague story. Other than that, I can definitely give it a 8.9.

Burnout Paradise is a blast if you love crashing you’re car everywhere. The open world is a lot of fun to blast around, and crash you’re car. I do wish they added some kind of GPS where you can get to the challenges easier. But this game is still a blast.

so good

9 Test Drive Unlimited Test Drive Unlimited Product Image

In my opinion the best by far. Has better driving than even forza horizon. Simply unbeatable fun and one of the biggest maps. Underrated gem

Test Drive Unlimited is one of the more earlier open world racing games. Yeah the graphics may not be the best, and the online thing may be a pain. But it’s still a pretty good racing game on the 360. The last gen versions aren’t the best. Overall, a decent open world racing game.

10 Forza Horizon Forza Horizon Product Image

The first one that started it all. Forza Horizon was amazing back then for it’s amazing open world, impressive graphics, and great gameplay. This is a game I love revisiting when I play my Xbox 360.

The Contenders

11 Driver: San Francisco Driver: San Francisco Product Image

I just frigging change souls instantly,wow😱😂

12 Forza Horizon 2 Forza Horizon 2 Product Image
13 The Crew 2 The Crew 2 Product Image

The Crew 2 definitely has it’s problems, but at least it’s an improvement over The Crew 1. But I think it’s really stupid that you’re car can switch to an airplane, boat, and monster truck. It’s poorly executed in my opinion. But The Crew 2 is still a decent open world racing game.

14 Cars Cars Product Image
15 Wii Fit 2: Electric Boogaloo

Worlds best game.

16 Midtown Madness Midtown Madness Product Image
17 Need for Speed (2015) Need for Speed (2015) Product Image
18 Need for Speed: Undercover Need for Speed: Undercover Product Image
19 Need for Speed: Payback Need for Speed: Payback Product Image
20 The Crew The Crew Product Image
21 Test Drive Unlimited 2 Test Drive Unlimited 2 Product Image
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