Top 10 Best Opening Songs from Non-Disney Animated Movies

The best opening songs from Non Disney animated movies.

The Top Ten

1 Deliver Us - The Prince of Egypt
2 Accidentally In Love - Shrek 2

A great opening song for the Shrek sequel that plays while Shrek and Fiona enjoy their honeymoon with all the crassness that happens along the way. - egnomac

3 You Can't Keep a Good Dog Down - All Dogs Go to Heaven
4 All Star - Shrek

A perfect way to introduce Shrek. Especially in a movie where he became a god and rocketed many memes into existence.

5 El Dorado - The Road to El Dorado
6 The Great Beyond - Sausage Party
7 A Rumor In St. Petersburg - Anastasia
8 Sun Do Shine - Rock-A-Doodle
9 Now and Forever - The Pebble and the Penguin
10 According to Plan - Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

The films opening song "According to plan" as both Victor and Victoria's parents singing about how they hope everything goes according to plan with their kids marriage and we also get to see how each set of parents feel about the situation with Victor's parents being thrilled seeing it as they see it as a way to increase their social class while Victoria's parents who are basically penny less and flat broke only want to see Victoria married to Victor to keep them out of the poor house and its pretty clear that they're not happy with the arrangement. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Here I Am - Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
12 Thneedville - Dr. Seuss' the Lorax
13 Real in Rio - Rio
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