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1 Ghost of Perdition

Took me less than ten seconds to love the song. The heavy guitar, the solo, the clean and heavy vocals, they all dominate!

This is by far Opeth's best song. It truly showcases their musicianship and synergistic songwriting, and exhibits perfectly the entire loud-soft spectrum. A solid prog-metal masterpiece.

Very good mix of cleans and growls. Also has nice variety of very powerful and nice and calm moments. A very dynamic song.

Masterpiece. - AdamDestructorJr.

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2 Blackwater Park

Perhaps no other song can rival the number of remember-worthy riffs packed in so small a time interval. How the song progresses with time is noteworthy with each riff bettering the previous one; the last two particularly being awesome.

This song is OPETH!

This masterpiece showcases some of the most powerful and rich sounding riffs in the history of music.

Not just my favorite Opeth song but also my favorite song of all time.

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3 Burden

This song is untouchable when I first heard I almost cried... Its beautiful the piano solo great... Guitar solos pretty god like... And of course Mikael Akerfeldt is just simply made by the heavens

This song just reminds me why I'am in love with Opeth!

Vocals, pianos, guitars all come at ideal times. Such a perfect composition. Certainly the best of opeth..

An absolute masterpiece of progressive metal. The union of songwriting and music composition is beyond the reach of any others now. Well done Opeth. This will be one of the most legendary tunes of all time.

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4 Black Rose Immortal

amazing mixture of soft and hard, slow and fast, clean and growled vocals, etc.
not to mention outstanding guitars

Great SONG. Really Long and well made. Opeth "The King Of The Metal"

This song really defines Opeth. They are a brilliant band, goes without saying. The basslines, the riffs, Mikeal's voice, the way it has been put together and the transitions! Just way up there with one of the best progressive death metal songs ever written.

Their masterpiece for sure. The harmonies are top-notch and the scream at the end is Mikael's all-time greatest moment. - EzzyEsbourne

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5 The Moor

I don't understand what this song is doing here it should be at the top with The Drapery Falls and Advent I think.

Great Variety!

Smooth intro, great acoustic riff and then the most epic transition to brutal vocals and the main riff...

This song competes with another for the top place in my humble opinion...

Best Opeth song to start off the best Opeth album in my opinion. Blackwater Park and Burden come in at a close 2nd and 3rd. But this is deffinetnly best.

I remember this was the very first song that got me very intensely engrossed into Opeth songs..Even before making a decision to listen this song, the cover art of the song's album really impressed me as I never saw such a beautiful and intriguing cover in my whole life...There is so much and something really deep and meaningful that the art depicts that it becomes very very difficult to interpret it exactly as the band intended it to...All and all a terrific song from an even terrific album...

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6 The Drapery Falls

I don't have the musical knowledge to describe exactly why but this song was masterfully written. Every part serves a purpose and is phenomenal.

I don't understand what this song is doing at the 9th place, it really should be somewhere in the top! The guitar rifs are just amazing, the vocals trembling,... The whole concept is just great!

Two words: the contrast.

As Opeth gradually transitioned from death metal to prog rock, the two genres converged into one of the greatest masterpieces ever- the Blackwater Park album. If I had to pick one quintessential Opeth song, it would either be this or Blackwater Park. They're both perfectly representative of Opeth's proficiency at any musical task they put their minds to. This somber, haunting masterpiece of a song is just a perfect blend of clean vocals and acoustic guitar with heavier and more powerful metal that somehow retains the mournful, brooding quality of the softer sections.

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7 Deliverance

No Opeth playlist is complete without Deliverance.

The song is as quintessential Opeth as it gets; it is a lengthy track (almost 14 minutes long), and it features, among other things, multiple different segments (with their own distinct moods and narrative styles), some really catchy and brilliantly thought-out lyrics, a mix of pure melodic vocals and deep low-register death-growls, a multitude of really heavy solos and catchy riffs, and, of course, the necessary acoustic breakdown in the middle to spice it all up.

I love nearly every song by Opeth, but if I had to listen to only one single Opeth track, it would have to be Deliverance.

While I like ever single Opeth song, this is the first one I ever listened to by them (as well as Hex Omega) but the complexity of this song is just astounding. The heaviness with the random acoustic breaks is just amazing. The brutality and softness that this song is made of is just unreal.

Not only is great as a heavy song, the transitions are just amazing. The solo's are very memorable, I love the more classic rock feeling riff with the clean vocal part, and then that outro nothing can compete with that

A true definition of "progressive".

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8 Bleak

Best song in Balckwater park! It should in top 3

Love the bass line and sound

My favourite Opeth song (among many), first 3 minutes are wonderfully brutal death metal, before fading into a clean sing chorus. The guitars and vocals are amazing, with the jazzy solo section in the middle of the song (including an acoustic breakdown), before gradually fading back to the brutal metal side of the song for the finish.

Best song I've ever heard by far

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9 Harlequin Forest

With all due respect to Perdition, this should be considered their highest Point.

Amazing proggy song. WHY did I have to add this? It has some amazing riffs, not to mention brilliant singing. Also one of the best off of the Ghost Reveries album (one of my favourite Opeth albums). - GhostOfPerdition

The first 6 seconds are an incredible progression of guitar - vocals - drums - backing guitars - backing vocals. By the time the heavy parts kick in after 2 & a half minutes, you are already wrapped up and along for an incredible ride. The ending breakdown is the most amazing example of band timing I've ever heard. Start to finish, it is unbelievable.

Their acoustic sections on this album were something else. Wow. - AdamDestructorJr.

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10 In My Time of Need

Amazing song. Very slow and smooth to start and its very enjoyable. Its very melodic like the King Crimson song "in the wake of poseidon" has that feel to it with the piano.

I love this song, Its different and original. Really touching, I love his voice. It's so unique and unlike anything I've ever heard.

Fell in love the second it began. Great song. Soft, slow and haunting. Amazing vocals, should be higher up in my opinion.

A very mature composition.. A flood of memories haunt my head every single time I listen to it.. My favourite after Burden..

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11 Godhead's Lament

Literal perfection

This has it all at Opeth's best - complex and inventive drumming, layers of shifting melody, guitars swinging from brutal riffs to delicate finger picking, Akerfeldt's trademark clean/growling vocals and a haunting storyline which ties the whole thing together with the rest of Still Life. Mesmerizing.

This is the song that got me hooked on Opeth - at the 3 minute mark when everything changes and becomes more dynamic. It was at that moment that I realized Opeth was more than just any death metal band. They're far more dynamic.

Best opeth song. hard to say by FAR, but it's got everything you need. soft vocals, hard vocals, and tells a story. great tune

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12 To Bid You Farewell

This should be number 01 what the hell is wrong with you people?

Wow, To Bid You Farewell isn't on the list? It's easily in my top 5 songs overall. - djh101

Simply beautiful, and the Gilmouresque solo is one of my favorites off all time. This song really blends genres better than any other. Just sit back and let yourself get lost in the emotion this song evokes.

It should be in top 3... Ranking doesn't matter anyway best basslines ever m/

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13 Face of Melinda

Why is this song not listed in the top ten!? Seriously guys, are you out of your minds? Best Opeth song ever!

The roundhouse tapes version is the best progressive metal song ever!

I can't believe this one is down here.. Definitely one of my favorite songs of ALL-TIME! Great deep lyrics, great intro.. It's just so perfect!

I listen to this song every night before sleeping, it's a masterpiece, a sample of heaven.
Especially the roundhouse tapes very melodic

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14 Hessian Peel

This song is too awesome to be number 16. Despite that it's still my all time favourite by Opeth, it's one of those songs that really grows on you, Watershed like most of their albums should be listened to as a whole to really appreciate them.

The whole song is pure chills, first it starts off with that hair raising acoustic intro, then moves into the beautiful melodic part where mike sings "will the children cry" leading into the satanic message and eerie but beautiful section that follows. That epic riff afterwards and then the calm before the storm everything gets quieter and the keyboard comes in and starts getting more intense then... BAM "LIGHT COMES ONN" the song is brutal as hell for a minute before going into the intense but softer "lock the children away from harm" part then after abit goes back to the brutal riffs and finishes off with the keyboard.

Overall the song is very progressive, and has everything I love about Opeth combined into one song. It starts ...more

The switch to the death riff was a bit sudden, but if there's one thing I love about Opeth, it's the clean and acoustic sections of theirs. And this song has lots of that. - AdamDestructorJr.

6:30, one of, if not the best Opeth riff of all time. The build up throughout the song just makes this riff hit ten times harder.

I don't begrudge Opeth for changing their direction. Don't get me wrong I liked Heritage and love Pale Communion but after the disaster of Sorceress I went back an revisited 'old' Opeth and one of my least favourite albums at the time - Watershed. Wow how I was wrong particularly about this song which is rapidly becoming my favourite. It really is what Opeth should be about - growls and clean vocals, brutal riffs and soft interludes, changes in timing and pace, as well as mesmerisingly dark vocals. The backwards lyrics in this song are genius.

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15 The Baying of the Hounds

The Baying of the Hounds is a song that I particularly like very much for its versatility, the melody and the rhythm. Everything is perfect, I do not know if it is the best song of the band but I find it very difficult to choose one.


I love the groovy bass lines on this album: especially in this song. A great balance of vocal styles and the epic journey that this song takes you on from beginning to end make this song my favorite of all time.

It's like every good thing of Opeth put into one song. I think Mikael saved all of his best riffs for this song.

11 minute epic. Epitome of Opeth's work. Killer riff's and vocals (clean and harsh). It grooves and dazzles in all the right places.

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16 Demons of the Fall

What? Demon of the Fall at 16. I've lost my trust on this site.

This song is just amazing. I think it has some of the best heavy and soft moments out of all Opeth songs. Also, BWP (album) is overrated (I like it a lot, but still...). Burden is great, but it doesn't hold a special place for me when there are songs like Credence, To bid you farewell, In my time of need, and Isolation years to compete with it (other "clean" vocal songs. )

This is one of the best progressive death metal song out there. Surprised it isn't there in top ten.

This is the definitive Opeth song in their death metal phase. Absolutely terrifying performance.

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17 Harvest

#17?! You gotta be kidding me... - Undistinguished

God... What this song is doing here... It should be in top 10... What a vocal and guitar work... Mind refreshing song... Clean, soft, pue devine

Harvest at this? it has just introduced me to opeth

Mikael! Hail The Metal God! Beautiful composition by the metal maestro

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18 The Leper Affinity

This'n right here

So damn heavy and beautiful

This is the song you show people to get them into Opeth. Great jazzy riffing and progressive elements blended with death metal.

Maybe should be on the 4th place all the songs of blackwater park was madness... The best progressive metal of all time!

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19 Porcelain Heart

The drum solo was as horrid to listen to as possible. - AdamDestructorJr.

This song is higher on my all-time songs list than it is on this list - danyul11

Why this is not in the list? Come on guys you can't be serious!

This is the song that made me feel Opeth was something different

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20 The Lotus Eater

By far the Opest song! No contest! The vocals are superb - Akerfeldt pulls off the death growls and clean singing flawlessly. It's memorable because even the heavy parts are catchy... And there's a proggy instrumental section that sounds like super mario bros! Truly an awesome song. If you're trying to decide which Opeth song to try, pick this one.

It is Opeth at their best, Their creativity in this song is brilliant, The riffs in this song reminds me of middle-eastern music, very artistic fusion.

Best thing I like bout this song is the lyrics, such a sense of mystery in them. The Lotus Eater? I know that's something bout Greek mythology or whatever, where on a Greek island the inhabitants ate lotus flowers and flutes to forget about their troubles and worries and sleep... Awesome song as well. Particularly grew on me after seeing it live.

This is a masterpiece, great riffs and an awesome Mikael's solo, it should be in the top 10, in the end it's very hard to make a top ten list of Opeth, there entire discographie are great

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21 April Ethereal

Shocked I had to add this. This is without a doubt the most powerful piece of music in the whole entire real of music. The way the lyrics and music flow together like a story, the way the atmosphere takes you to a different world, and the way each riff continues to get better until the God-like outro which is the pinnacle of music altogether... This is not only the greatest Opeth song, but the greatest song ever created.

It is simultaneously the most beautiful and angry song I've ever heard. An absolute masterpiece, it being this low on the list is just wrong in so many ways.

How is this not number 1? Best Opeth song ever and one of the greatest songs ever made.

Not their best song but arguably should be top 10-15. It is truly magnificent

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22 Windowpane

The best "soft" song of Opeth by far!

The song that got me into Opeth and is to this day my favorite track of their discography...

Windowpane is the best soft/clean vocal Opeth song. Burden is so overrated. Blackwater Park is my favorite, but Windowpane should definitely be higher!

Can't you hear the combination between the drums, the guitars, and of course Mikael's heavenly voice? This easily belongs to the top ten.

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23 Dirge for November

One of Opeth's simpler songs, I still get emotional every time I hear it. The chord progression starting at 1:44 is in my opinion, their absolute best.

This is just one of those songs by Opeth that seem to be really underrated. Everything in this song is on point. One of their best.

This should definitely be in the top 10. An often overlooked track that might just be one of Opeth's most brilliant pieces.

Brilliant song. Love the intro and outro

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24 A Fair Judgement

That monstrous outro, though..

There are many Opeth songs that grip me by the heart but this one... It just leaves me speechless and brings tears of pure and flawless musical experience. The guitar solo gives me goosebumps again and again even though I have heard it million times. It belongs to my top 5 songs of all time. Thank you, Mr.A. & col.

Probably the first song I heard by opeth,
A true masterpiece and its incredibly interesting and challenging for the ear, the clean vocals, guitar, drums and the guitar solo in the middle are just amazing, easily my top 3!

My first Opeth song as well. Definitely my favorite. You have to be an epic mastermind to create such an epic song. Top 25 songs of all time by any rcck band ever in my opinion!

25 Moonlapse Vertigo

The best song ever existed

Quite possible the best song ever written, by opeth or anyone. Epic sweeping trekking across a mountian intro, beautiful verse to intense transition to prechorus to insane chorus to funky breakdown to mind blowing solo to face melting bridge to quite possible the most beautiful opeth outro riff ever created. A little more formulated as far as opeth is concerned but in every other reguard more than adequately displays all the awesomeness that is opeth, no joke incredible I can only assume it isn't top 10 cause it came out before blackwater park please do yourself a favor and listen to it

How is this song the lowest ranked on still life? I would vote it the best on the album and top 5 overall - noahc98

If I could only take one Opeth song with me to the grave, it would be this one.

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26 The Grand Conjuration

Opeth at their very best!

Catchy opening followed by a memorable riff that has one reminiscing a similar tune (in vocals) from the song 'Porcelain Heart'. Between an eerie background suited with Mikael's clean vocals and strong riffs matched with death metal growls, the contrasts are eagerly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed.

Creates a great feeling of hopelessness and chaos. Definitely one of their best. - AdamDestructorJr.

My favorite Opeth song. The lyrics, the growls, the clean vocals, and he instrumentals all go together real well to create a dark/eerie atmosphere for the story it tells.

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27 Serenity Painted Death

How is this so far down? Not only is Serenity Painted Death the best song on the album, it's one of their best songs period. It has some of the most brutal and beautiful moments in their whole discography. Why are all the Still Life tracks so underrated around here?


I think the reason that all the Still Life songs are too low is that the entire album is so good that the fans have many favorites to choose from. It is my favorite Opeth album. This is the song on the album I look forward to the most, as it follows Face of Melinda so perfectly.

Amazing melodies, really defines progressive death metal as a serious genre. Influenced so many other bands.

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28 In the Mist She Was Standing

To be honest I was bored when I first listened this song. When it came to the outro my mind just blew. So I decided to listen this song again. The transitions between riffs are amazing.

This was the first Opeth song I have ever heard, and I was instantly hooked. I was one who used to listen to baroque/classical/romantic music exclusively... But the technical nature and attention to detail in this song instantly made me fall in love.

This song sound very natural and has a great atmosphere, by far my favourite Opeth song, also the growls are very unique here

The outro is the best opeth moments in my opinion! And the rest is cool, the little solo at 4min and that intro...
Just perfect

29 Master's Apprentices

Master's is my first opeth song I'd listened to. I remember when I heard it, I had to go straight to my guitar and look up the tabs to the song. One of my all time favorite Metal songs.

I Lie In Wait - Glauberson

For me one of the bests opeth song with an amazing dark part that collide in a giant soft pillow...

Master's Apprentices in the greatest song in the Deliverance Record, Great Beggining and Ending... I love Opeth and this is one of my favourite tunes.

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30 The Night and the Silent Water

amazing tune.. one of the best opeth tunes in my opinion.. - theapostleintriumph

Incredible atmosphere. Have never heard anything else like this yet, besides other Opeth stuff.

This song equals the class of BlackWater park! Do people really don't understand music anymore?

Awesome growling, riffage, but especially the lyrics. It builds nicely to the end.

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31 Folklore

This one should be in the top 5 songs :/

I'm so shamed that this song is so low on the list. These softer songs by opeth need more recognition!

West scales that touch your ear

Best harmony and melodies

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32 Forest of October

I discovered Opeth with this song
So every time I hear it I remember the first moments of magic when I discovered Opeth.

This song is a masterpiece like many of their other songs. It’s atmosphere really blends in well with driving on a long dark road.

Love it from start to finish from the excellent first 58 seconds and after that it gets real

The best song from orchid.. probably the best lyrics mikael has ever written.. the song has an epic atmosphere with amazing vocals and guitars. and an excellent solo.. amazing progressive black/death metal

33 Death Whispered a Lullaby

Please don't judge a band when they do something good... judge them when they do something they normally don't


34 Hope Leaves

Really surprised to see that I have to add it, should have already been in the list & ranked number 1 too... - Flash667

The feels In this song get me going.. Chills..

It's scary how relatable these lyrics are (to me at the very least) and the brilliant Instrumentation only adds to that relation.

"Gone through days without talking--there Is a comfort In silence.
So used to losing all ambition--struggling to maintain what's left..."

*As I lay on my bed under the spell of a catatonic state, tears start to run down my face, to my neck, and chills paralyze my spine.*

This one may well be the best song ever created. Will stay with you until you die. Its also the most underrated song of the century.

I am flabbergasted to see this song on no 20. It should be on the top 5. Really great songs, awesome lyrics, incredible guitar tone and everything! M/

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35 Advent

I love the bass on this track so much - kempokid

Surprised to see Advent so far at the bottom of the list. It's my one of the most favorite songs of Opeth. It has brilliant mixture of acoustic and electric guitars. Bass is totally out of this world!

No advent? What happening here?
The distortion guitar part after the first acoustic part
It's awesome.. All the way to the top!

The incredibly strong roots, from which the majority of brilliance sprouted!

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36 Faith In Others

A great piece will clean guitars and amazing synth. Has a great melody attached to it. This album has shown the best melodious works by opeth till now!

A great new song from their brand new album Pale Communion. Best work till date by Mikael as vocalist. Opeth forever!

My favorite song from Pale Communion, a masterpiece to complete a very beautifully crafted album entirety.

It worth to listen

37 Cusp of Eternity

Best song especially live

Hey you can rock like
Rock fan!

38 Voice of Treason

Great atmospheric song from Pale Communion with a somewhat theatrical feel to it, all of what makes Opeth great shines through, in particular Mikael's vocals near the end! - petrucci75hammet

Last song of the album
Best song of the album
Mikael just yelling!

39 The Devil's Orchard

It may be their newest song but it's not terrible - someguy12345

Should be much higher! I love where opeth is going with their new stuff

This is not their best song, but it should be a little hiegher

God is Dead

40 Master's Apprentice

How come it's not on top? This song not only has epic bass guitars but awesome lyrics... Åkerfeldt did a fantabulous job! Music alone drives you crazy... Well I feel like listening to it again and again :D starting is thunderous! Guitars are just amazing! 10/10 my fave opeth song...

Indudablemente es la mejor canción de estas leyendas suecas del Progressive Death Metal y de todo lo que conocemos como metal en general. Opeth me devolvió la confianza en mi música, justo cuando Theriin empezaba a decaer. Sus mejores álbumes son: Deliverance, Blackwater Park y Damnation

41 The Lines in My Hand
42 The Twilight Is My Robe

The Black Metal influence is apparent in this song, and really adds to the atmosphere of the song. All 11 minutes never drag, a truly underrated masterpiece off an underrated album

A very underrated song by Opeth! So brutal, yet so calm, so full of ambiance, piece, harmony, and melody. Breathtaking.

Such an amazing song. I find my self zoned out thinking about it at work, at school, in bed!

43 Reverie / Harlequin Forest

Why is it here twice? - AdamDestructorJr.

There's something about this song that cannot be heard! A feeling of being hung in the middle of life and death, where the night is long and the sun is gone, forever!

What is up with people not paying attention and adding songs that are already in the least, this is literally in the number 10 spot right now - germshep24

44 Nectar
45 Wreath

Oh, needs to be much higher. - EzzyEsbourne

This track is a great way to open up Deliverance - it's heavy, energetic, and captivating.

I may be a bit biased since it's the song that made me fall in love with Opeth, but how is this one only #41? in my opinion this song has one of the, if not the best growls from Mikael

Amazing drumming. Amazing growls. Amazing power. Perfection!

46 Epilogue

The way this song starts off and the way it fkn ends.. just epic.. I listen to this song a 1000 times a day may be :o

47 Goblin

What are you talking about, the song is beautiful, just like most of Opeth songs

If you listen you will vomiting!

48 Coil

Another really good song which should have made it to the top 15... - Flash667

It could be somewhere on top10 this is the first song I fellt in love with opeth

49 Closure

Seriously, the ending of this song is brilliant

May not be their top song but seriously guys. This song a bloody masterpiece. Check it out really.

çok sağlam bir solosou var

50 Eternal Rains Will Come

What is this song doing at 50? Lol. This is one of their best songs!

This was the first Opeth song I listened to and it was this song that made me listen to all op Opeth's albums.

This song has beautiful parts, fast parts and clean parts. The song sure is a masterpiece! - Allox

New Opeth is still good!

Good for starting the album

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