The Moor


I remember this was the very first song that got me very intensely engrossed into Opeth songs..Even before making a decision to listen this song, the cover art of the song's album really impressed me as I never saw such a beautiful and intriguing cover in my whole life...There is so much and something really deep and meaningful that the art depicts that it becomes very very difficult to interpret it exactly as the band intended it to...All and all a terrific song from an even terrific album...

Don't get me wrong, Ghost Of Perdition is definitely one of OPETH'S better songs and sure fits within the all time top ten list but to put it at the top of the list is a bit injustice to the other greater songs. In my opinion it's not even the best song off Ghost Reveries and Harlequin Forest definitely knocks it down like a bulldozer. Songs like The Moor, The Drapery Falls, Demons Of The Fall are more deserving of the top spot (especially The Moor)

The best song I've ever heard in my entire life...There is so much of depth in it compiled with meaningful tale behind it... The intro is amazing and spellbinding...And the blend between soft and brutal section especially towards the final minute was so seamless and goosebumping...A bow of respect here for Opeth for this brilliant and breathtaking song... - Arhaan95

I reckon the only logical reason why this song is so low not even within the top 5 is that it's off the album that was released almost a couple of decades ago and not very popular one hence not many people nowadays are interested in digging out earlier stuffs than newer ones

Before I've heard this song, I hated growling. Opeth is the only one band where I like that and enjoy in listening. Everything is just perfect-lyrics, composition, growling, Mikael's voice, instrumentals... This song gives me inspiration every time I need it. Perfection!

Best opeth song for every mood!
Best start brutally hard and incredibly soft and calming vocals!
Lyrics! Screams! The anger :@ THE ANGER!
But the most and basic element of opeth's successes will be THE DRUMS cus it's just heavenly :)
My top three:

This is a top notch song and music at its very best. Its quite astonishing that this band even after all these years of churning masterpieces on the trot haven't got any recognition for their tremendous hard work & stellar musicianship that very few in the business can match.

Just a fantastic song! One of the best of Opeth in my opinion. Begins the beautiful yet tragic story based around Melinda. When Mikael sings "Melinda is the reason why I've come" I always get shivers like crazy. Just listen to this song and you will be blown away.

Why the hell is at this position... incomprehensible...Personally, my utmost favorite and go to song to listen to when in a lackluster state...its like a food that provides me energy...picks me up when down and depressed...there are plethora of other Opeth's songs that I adore but this one eclipses 'em by allsome distance...And also Still Life is my favorite album as well followed by Blackwater Park...

Are you kidding me? This song must be at top along with Ghost of Perdition! No vocalist can ever touch the level of Mikael Akerfeldt's vocals! In fact, I challenge you that no one can ever find better growling and brutal vocals than this!

The production of this entire album in particular this song was par my opinion Blackwater Park is just a tad over rated (I couldn't find the other word) but not denying that it still is/was a devastatingly beautifull album...But from my perspective, Still Life will be head and shoulders above Blackwater Park...

If you're a true and devoted Opeth fan, then you should be able to gauge the class and difference that it bears from the rest of their songs and would make some effort to stack this at the top of the list...

This is the greatest Opeth song! This song has every great quality of Opeth, and though it's 11 minutes it only feels like 5 or 6. The only sad thing is that melody Mikael hums in the clean part isn't repeated more

The sight of summer, upon my return, fifteen alike since I was here... Bathed in deep fog, blurring my trail, snuffing the first morning rays. Do I need to say more? No, just Moor

I reckon I would have hailed it as the best metal song ever (hate on me Metal elitist). If the outer was not very abrupt and instead should have sounded reminiscent of the intro, but in the reverse and fading away tone..anyway, this is still one of the best metal song I've ever listened to and comfortably within top 3 zone of all time list...

In my opinion, this song should be at the summit followed by The Drapery Falls and Harlequin Forest/Windowpane at second and third places respectively...

The very first Opeth song that got me deep into the bowels of their creative, unique and spellbinding discography...

For me, the very best part in this song was the transitioning from softer atmospheric melody to a raging emotional outburst...that's very unique..The band itself is very unique indeed, I've been digging up a lot of progressive metal bands but none of them are remotely as versatile (but are very good) as Opeth with seamless variations...The band is the quintessence of Progressive Metal and are currenly in my opinion are the masters of it..

I ain't any fan of Opeth but yes I do respect what they really do with so much of passion involved that it's hard to not get moved and quintessence of that is this song.

The entire Still Life was the hallmark of what Opeth is all about. Every single track on the album possesses solidity and flawlessness.

The intro to the song is the best I've ever heard since Iron Maiden's Hallowed Be Thy Name...

The mid section breakdown was amazing after an chilling atmospheric Melodic and devastatingly brutal at the same time...

If I would've received the power of recommendation for the best death metal song...This would be the first thing that'll pop in my mind...

First song of of the first album I heard by Opeth. The musicianship and variety sucked me in and created the love I still carry to this day for this band.

It's such a shame to have found this brilliant piece of art stranded here at 6th place... Unbelievable!