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21 A Fair Judgement

There are many Opeth songs that grip me by the heart but this one... It just leaves me speechless and brings tears of pure and flawless musical experience. The guitar solo gives me goosebumps again and again even though I have heard it million times. It belongs to my top 5 songs of all time. Thank you, Mr.A. & col.

Probably the first song I heard by opeth,
A true masterpiece and its incredibly interesting and challenging for the ear, the clean vocals, guitar, drums and the guitar solo in the middle are just amazing, easily my top 3!

My first Opeth song as well. Definitely my favorite. You have to be an epic mastermind to create such an epic song. Top 25 songs of all time by any rcck band ever in my opinion!

22 Porcelain Heart

This song is higher on my all-time songs list than it is on this list - danyul11

Why this is not in the list? Come on guys you can't be serious!

This is the song that made me feel Opeth was something different

Man, this is the best Opeth song!

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23 April Ethereal

Shocked I had to add this. This is without a doubt the most powerful piece of music in the whole entire real of music. The way the lyrics and music flow together like a story, the way the atmosphere takes you to a different world, and the way each riff continues to get better until the God-like outro which is the pinnacle of music altogether... This is not only the greatest Opeth song, but the greatest song ever created.

It is simultaneously the most beautiful and angry song I've ever heard. An absolute masterpiece, it being this low on the list is just wrong in so many ways.

How is this not number 1? Best Opeth song ever and one of the greatest songs ever made.

One of the best songs.. with the best outro!

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24 Hope Leaves

Really surprised to see that I have to add it, should have already been in the list & ranked number 1 too... - Flash667

The feels In this song get me going.. Chills..

It's scary how relatable these lyrics are (to me at the very least) and the brilliant Instrumentation only adds to that relation.

"Gone through days without talking--there Is a comfort In silence.
So used to losing all ambition--struggling to maintain what's left..."

*As I lay on my bed under the spell of a catatonic state, tears start to run down my face, to my neck, and chills paralyze my spine.*

This one may well be the best song ever created. Will stay with you until you die. Its also the most underrated song of the century.

Can't understand why this masterpiece is so bloody low on this list

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25 Moonlapse Vertigo

Quite possible the best song ever written, by opeth or anyone. Epic sweeping trekking across a mountian intro, beautiful verse to intense transition to prechorus to insane chorus to funky breakdown to mind blowing solo to face melting bridge to quite possible the most beautiful opeth outro riff ever created. A little more formulated as far as opeth is concerned but in every other reguard more than adequately displays all the awesomeness that is opeth, no joke incredible I can only assume it isn't top 10 cause it came out before blackwater park please do yourself a favor and listen to it

How is this song the lowest ranked on still life? I would vote it the best on the album and top 5 overall - noahc98

If I could only take one Opeth song with me to the grave, it would be this one.

The guitar intro is breathtaking, 11/109

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26 Dirge for November

One of Opeth's simpler songs, I still get emotional every time I hear it. The chord progression starting at 1:44 is in my opinion, their absolute best.

This is just one of those songs by Opeth that seem to be really underrated. Everything in this song is on point. One of their best.

This should definitely be in the top 10. An often overlooked track that might just be one of Opeth's most brilliant pieces.

Brilliant song. Love the intro and outro

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27 Serenity Painted Death

I think the reason that all the Still Life songs are too low is that the entire album is so good that the fans have many favorites to choose from. It is my favorite Opeth album. This is the song on the album I look forward to the most, as it follows Face of Melinda so perfectly.

Amazing melodies, really defines progressive death metal as a serious genre. Influenced so many other bands.

Probably my favorite from Still Life along with The Moor and Moonlapse Vertigo. For me, this is one of the definitive Opeth songs, with amazing riffs, excellent variety and piercing vocals. I just wished they played live more often.

28 The Grand Conjuration

Catchy opening followed by a memorable riff that has one reminiscing a similar tune (in vocals) from the song 'Porcelain Heart'. Between an eerie background suited with Mikael's clean vocals and strong riffs matched with death metal growls, the contrasts are eagerly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed.

My favorite Opeth song. The lyrics, the growls, the clean vocals, and he instrumentals all go together real well to create a dark/eerie atmosphere for the story it tells.

I'm shocked that this is so low. I thought this was one of their most famous songs. Also where the hell is slither off this list. Slither was the only good song off of heritage.

This song contains my favorite riff of all time.

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29 The Night and the Silent Water

amazing tune.. one of the best opeth tunes in my opinion.. - theapostleintriumph

Incredible atmosphere. Have never heard anything else like this yet, besides other Opeth stuff.

This song equals the class of BlackWater park! Do people really don't understand music anymore?

Awesome riffs, nice tune, perfect growling!

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30 Forest of October

Love it from start to finish from the excellent first 58 seconds and after that it gets real

The best song from orchid.. probably the best lyrics mikael has ever written.. the song has an epic atmosphere with amazing vocals and guitars. and an excellent solo.. amazing progressive black/death metal

31 In the Mist She Was Standing

This was the first Opeth song I have ever heard, and I was instantly hooked. I was one who used to listen to baroque/classical/romantic music exclusively... But the technical nature and attention to detail in this song instantly made me fall in love.

This song sound very natural and has a great atmosphere, by far my favourite Opeth song, also the growls are very unique here

The outro is the best opeth moments in my opinion! And the rest is cool, the little solo at 4min and that intro...
Just perfect

32 Folklore

This one should be in the top 5 songs :/

I'm so shamed that this song is so low on the list. These softer songs by opeth need more recognition!

West scales that touch your ear

Great song.

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33 To Rid the Disease

Guys, listen to this song, it's very relaxing, by far not the best song by Opeth, but definitely worth mentioning! I voted for this to get it a little higher.

How come this song is not in the top ten? It is one of the best opeth songs. Especially the piano part which comes in the last is simply fantastic and the guitar riffs that follow blend together perfectly. This song is surely underrated.

What is this doing here?! Should be in top 15!

At the top
Nomber one
Good harmony

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34 Death Whispered a Lullaby

Please don't judge a band when they do something good... judge them when they do something they normally don't

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35 Cusp of Eternity

Best song especially live

Hey you can rock like
Rock fan!

36 Master's Apprentices

Master's is my first opeth song I'd listened to. I remember when I heard it, I had to go straight to my guitar and look up the tabs to the song. One of my all time favorite Metal songs.

For me one of the bests opeth song with an amazing dark part that collide in a giant soft pillow...

Master's Apprentices in the greatest song in the Deliverance Record, Great Beggining and Ending... I love Opeth and this is one of my favourite tunes.

Despite listening to it 100's of times, it still sounds fresh. Just one of many truly epic Opeth songs. Deserves to be higher.

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37 Faith In Others

A great piece will clean guitars and amazing synth. Has a great melody attached to it. This album has shown the best melodious works by opeth till now!

A great new song from their brand new album Pale Communion. Best work till date by Mikael as vocalist. Opeth forever!

My favorite song from Pale Communion, a masterpiece to complete a very beautifully crafted album entirety.

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38 Advent

Surprised to see Advent so far at the bottom of the list. It's my one of the most favorite songs of Opeth. It has brilliant mixture of acoustic and electric guitars. Bass is totally out of this world!

No advent? What happening here?
The distortion guitar part after the first acoustic part
It's awesome.. All the way to the top!

The incredibly strong roots, from which the majority of brilliance sprouted!

One of their greatest songs with great drum work, awesome riffs and a powerful, blackened feel.

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39 Voice of Treason

Great atmospheric song from Pale Communion with a somewhat theatrical feel to it, all of what makes Opeth great shines through, in particular Mikael's vocals near the end! - petrucci75hammet

Last song of the album
Best song of the album
Mikael just yelling!

40 Isolation Years

Oh my god the overbearing sadness in this song?! What people this should definitely be in top 10.

This is great!... Surprised it's so low on the rankings... Hope they all vote... Thank Yo

This song is a masterpiece...

Absolute melancholic beauty.

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