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41 Wreath

I may be a bit biased since it's the song that made me fall in love with Opeth, but how is this one only #41? in my opinion this song has one of the, if not the best growls from Mikael

Amazing drumming. Amazing growls. Amazing power. Perfection!

42 The Amen Corner

Where is this song? The highlight of "My Arms, Your Hearse"? I would place this somewhere next to "The Moor" or "Face of Melinda" on this list

43 Master's Apprentice

How come it's not on top? This song not only has epic bass guitars but awesome lyrics... Åkerfeldt did a fantabulous job! Music alone drives you crazy... Well I feel like listening to it again and again :D starting is thunderous! Guitars are just amazing! 10/10 my fave opeth song...

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44 Heir Apparent

The Power of a new Opeth lineup is here... Maybe the most powerful and evil opeth song ever... A masterpiece!

Without doubt my favorite Opeth song, powerful, emotional and quite simply evil, genius

A song this good being at 41st position shows how great opeth is..!

Just great

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45 Benighted

Just... Flawless... No words can describe the genius this song possesses... This, ladies and gentlemen, is concentrated beauty.

Have a listen of this song at night and then ask yourself why it is not the number one song...
I assure you, this will give you goosebumps...
There are plenty of songs that give me chills, but none like this...

Beautiful guitar work. Melodic vocals. Should at least be in top 10.

46 The Grand Conjuration

Catchy opening followed by a memorable riff that has one reminiscing a similar tune (in vocals) from the song 'Porcelain Heart'. Between an eerie background suited with Mikael's clean vocals and strong riffs matched with death metal growls, the contrasts are eagerly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed.

My favorite Opeth song. The lyrics, the growls, the clean vocals, and he instrumentals all go together real well to create a dark/eerie atmosphere for the story it tells.

I'm shocked that this is so low. I thought this was one of their most famous songs. Also where the hell is slither off this list. Slither was the only good song off of heritage.

This song contains my favorite riff of all time.

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47 Closure

Seriously, the ending of this song is brilliant

May not be their top song but seriously guys. This song a bloody masterpiece. Check it out really.

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48 Epilogue

The way this song starts off and the way it fkn ends.. just epic.. I listen to this song a 1000 times a day may be :o

49 Nectar
50 The Funeral Portrait

Good all round song (although all of the songs on Blackwater Park are good! ). The acoustic guitar in the riff at the start is class. - GhostOfPerdition

This song: not one of the usual suspects, but I keep on listening to this one! It rocks so hard!

No puedo creer la lejanía de esta canción respecto al primer lugar... está en my top 5.

51 Coil

Another really good song which should have made it to the top 15... - Flash667

It could be somewhere on top10 this is the first song I fellt in love with opeth

52 Goblin

What are you talking about, the song is beautiful, just like most of Opeth songs

If you listen you will vomiting!

53 White Cluster

How is this not in the top ten? This song is so beautiful, that I started shaking at the end of it.

Still life is their best album in my opinion. this song is amazing should be higher

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54 Ending Credits

Oh come on this is one of the best song I've ever heard in my life.

61? You've got to be kidding me, masterpiece, without the doubt one of the best song I ever heard

55 Slither

Very underrated song. The only song I truly enjoyed off of Heritage.

I agree. This is such a classic song, not only from Opeths catalog but just in general. - jb125

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56 The Throat of Winter
57 Soldier of Fortune

It's really wonderful! This should be the number one!

Even better than original track - Rhapsody

This song is a Deep Purple cover. - Metal_Treasure

The first song that I listen from this band
They fascinate me

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58 Face In the Snow

This is one of the best opeth songs I've ever heard. I wonder why no added this

Because it is a special edition track

59 Reverie / Harlequin Forest

There's something about this song that cannot be heard! A feeling of being hung in the middle of life and death, where the night is long and the sun is gone, forever!

What is up with people not paying attention and adding songs that are already in the least, this is literally in the number 10 spot right now - germshep24

60 Hours of Wealth

What can say about the guitar solo in this song? Amazing feel and melody...

I feel like this song perfectly describes the greatness of Opeth. Although it is a very soft song, it has some progressive elements combined with excellent singing and songwriting from Äkerfeldt and some beautiful guitars and keyboards. It has the greatest sense of mood among almost all of their song, and truly stands as the best off of the album.

Needless to say.. this is opeth's best song
Eargasm instrument, and very good lyric
:3 :3 :3

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