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81 Häxprocess

May not be the most complex song, but the clear Vocals are so close to your ears when you hear it, its definitely worth a mention in this list.

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82 Strange Brew
83 When

10th!? No way this one deserves 10th place. Easily one of the most powerful Opeth songs ever, especially with that second-to-last line, "When can we scream instead of whisper? "

A very beautiful and sophisticated song, it has several different complex and chills-inducing tunes throughout its fascinating story.

How any other song on earth can overcome this song, I have no idea. Really it is a shame it's low on the list..

A masterpiece.

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84 Under the Weeping Moon

Awesome song... Love the feeling in the beginning as well as the heavy part. Bottom line

85 The Apostle in Triumph

I guess its not that popular because people only listen to the recent opeth albums but this song is legendary.. can't believe I had to add it.. - theapostleintriumph

My favorite Opeth song, from the folky intro to the final guitar solo, nothing less than sublime, needs to be much higher on the list

Amazing end solo.. One of the best Opeth solos I've heard..

Most underrated Opeth song ever..
1. The Apostle in Triumph
2. The Twilight Is My Robe

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86 Beneath the Mire

I like this song especially the intro riff I can't explain the feeling listening to that song! Its pure epicness itself listen to the sample and make your opinions! One of their best in my view

Just starting ti get right into Opeth and this was the first track to draw me into the Mastery. Great intro pulls you right in.

Interesting start and one of the best choruses in any song ever.

Best song off Opeth's best album. Enough said.

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87 Pyre
88 Credence

This is my favorite sing of theirs, to be honest... I don't know... I just feel some kind of connection to the song...

The ending guitars are so hauntingly beautiful

Credence is the best song of Opeth...I ever heard everyday...It is a Acoustic Metal song...My girlfriend don't like metal but this song she also like...I try to cover the song...Clean vocals,awesome you Opeth...

Credence has such a weird and creepy vibe, it's one of the best in MAYH.

89 Hex Omega

The end of the song is really one of the very best by Opeth, when the drums kick back in!

First song I ever heard from them and I was hooked. Still my favorite

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90 Silhouette

Not the best Opeth's song but I'm a keyboardist and I love this song!
Is a climax of emotion only using one key

91 Nepenthe

Give it a listen. It will overtake you.

92 Circle of the Tyrants

Great cover of a Celtic Frost song!

93 Derelict Herds

The list is incomplete without the song.

94 Into the Frost of Winter
95 Patterns in the Ivy II
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