Top Ten Opinions Most People Will Think You're Weird/Will Get Mad at You/Will Find Strange If You Have

Dear TopTen stuff, I don't think this list is the same as unpopular opinions because they don't have to be unpopular.They may actually be common but people won't like them. You may delete this description after checking on my list. Thanks! Kind regards, Organ

The Top Ten

1 Human babies are ugly

Babies are SO gross! I mean we have too many of them! I hate babies!

Get mad at me all you want, but I honestly think babies are ugly. - 3DG20

People will say :"Your child hater! You're so wrong, how can you say something like this?! And you once were a baby yourself, so you used to be ugly too? " - Organ

2 I don't see a point in relationships

I agree with this one to be honest, but that’s probably because I’m only 15. - 3DG20

3 I'm a male, hetero and I don't find breasts attractive

I’m a teenage boy but I have never been interested in breasts. In fact, I would actually be grossed out if a girl took her shirt and bras off in front of me.

This is me I like most of the same parts other guys do but not breasts.

4 Kissing is gross

Unless you're in kindergarden or elementary school, most people won't understand it. When I was in 6th (! ) grade some kids made fun of my friend because she found kissing gross. I think neither this is bad nor is having interesting in kissing at that age. - Organ

5 I don't find drinking fun

I come from a country (Australia) where we have a very large drinking culture. I don't drink, mainly because I don't like the taste, but also because I don't want to contribute to this culture of either drinking to get drunk, or 'you're anti-social if you don't have a drink'. Sorry, but there's more to life than booze. - truckturner

Its not ( I don't have experience but I don't need to drink to have fun) - RustyNail

6 Dark skin is not attractive

Not only blacks, also includes tanned skin - Organ

7 Dogs aren't cute
8 Emma Watson is not attractive

She’s not though. - 3DG20

9 Getting up in the morning is easy

It is sometimes - blackflower

10 Parties aren't fun

Call me weird, but I agree with this whole-heartedly. - truckturner

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11 Kittens are ugly
12 I'm afraid of the dark
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