Best Ordinary Heroes In Castle Clash


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1 Marksman

She is just a beast. She damages at the least 3 different targets, and is a ranged hero. I believe she is the best ordinary hero in the game. - respawnthedoc

She is my absolute favorite hero in the game... Including Legendary heroes. - CatCode

Mine is only level 87 1863 damage 9000 health like holey crap

It is worth it!

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2 Frost Witch

She may be used against bosses in mesa so she is the best ordinary hero because ordinary heroes are never used in battle.

Frost Witch should actually be number 1. She deals ATK and slows down MOV and ATK speed of enemies. Great for boss and mesa 3. Teamed up with a strong team she can be a huge asset.

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3 Engineer

This guy is really good, his ability damages things around its target, which can be really helpful at times - respawnthedoc

His skill is excellent for taking out a bunch of troops at once.

4 Hill Giant

His special ability damages a random thing in a raid, which can be good - respawnthedoc

He is the best I got him level 200 10 of 10 skill amazing

5 Angel

Healers are scarce, if you need one for your second or third team...

What's the point of using it if you get a Druid on the first day

Real good healer for beginning of the game - respawnthedoc

Good healer when you don't have druid

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6 Dryad

She IS a stunner, she is used in boss battles by some pro players (like Distaggio) - respawnthedoc

7 Alchemist

Ranged attacker, good damage output - respawnthedoc

8 Marauder

Definitely the best ordinary hero ever. Worth evolving almost always has epic talents.

He reduces damage but does nothing.

9 Slime

Slime is the best and I have legendary heroes they are really useful

Good for leveling heroes skill up - respawnthedoc

Super useful unlike the others.

The only useful ordinary

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10 Serpent Queen V 2 Comments

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11 Minotaur

Not a legend but good

12 Ice Demon

He is good for bosses if you have him level 120 with 5/10 skill.

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