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1 Ruby Ore

Actually, rubies and emeralds were going to be added to Minecraft together. They had the same look, just different colors of ore. There were going to be ruby weapons and armor... But someone working on the addition of emeralds and rubies was green-red colorblind (? ) and so the people decided to only add emeralds. (Trivia obsession over here oops)

I'm born in July so rubies is my birthstone so it makes sense that it needs to be added 100%. I've heard that instead of rubies, they put emeralds.

Ya the rubies should be added in that's one smart brain you have

Rubies are one of the best gems in the world! Why not put it in minecraft, they could be like emeralds for trading with villagers, and making tools.

Isn't ruby ore another annoying mod

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2 Amethyst Ore

Well for one thing I'm part of the SkyDoesMinecraft fanbase and the gem in the amulet on his skin is an amethyst. Also I'm born in February and my birthstone is the amethyst. AMETHYST ALL THE WAY!

Amethyst all the way I was born in February too so I love amethyst's😃

I LOVE PURPLE plus I need good armor. All of my armor is leather dyed purple or diamond armor that MUST be enchanted (I struggle when I mine for diamonds) if you can make mods with purple and ferrets please do it because I am too lazy to make mods

Yes this should totally be added because I'm 99% sure there is no purple gem in Minecraft. It wouldn't be very confusing, and it's worth the addition- but I don't know what it would do. I don't think it would work for armor.

My gemstone too, plus Minecraft is about mine and craft.

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3 Sapphire

My birthstone and my favourite colour and this was my favourite before I even knew my birthstone was sapphire

This gem is pretty. I love the way it is

There is emerald so we should add ruby and sapphire which were made first

Sapphire is lapis lazuli!

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4 Platinum

I think platinum should be a bit more common than diamonds, but in smaller quantities and has extra enchantment capabilities, like either it has a better chance of having more than the regular amount of enchantments, or it has its own special enchantments, or you can enchant it multiple times.

Platinum should be in between iron and diamond and platinum should be less rare than diamond but rarer than iron

I agree Platinum

Stronger than iron... Less than diamond on armor
Rarer than diamond less rare than emerald

Yeah platinum should be a bit more rare then diamonds and better too.

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5 Copper Ore

Yeah! Actually, ruby ore exists in minecraft... If you have imagination! Sapphire? Again. IMAGINATION CRISIS! Emerald? In the game but 1000 times rarer than diamonds. Think about it. Copper? Um let me think... Um... Ugh! Nothing for copper. More value than stone less value than iron. I don't agree that it SHOULD be added, but it would be cool! NICE SUGGESTION!

Copper + tin = Bronze? Coal + iron = Steel? It could be similar to runescape. and tin could be rare in every biome but common in plains. Where I live tin is common but the rest of the entire world has rare deposits of tin. - Harri666

Copper + tin = Bronze? Coal + iron = Steel? It could be similar to runescape. and tin could be rare in every biome but common in plains. Where I live, tin is common but the rest of the entire world has rare deposits of tin. - Harri666

I honestly think this should be replaced with red stone like copper wires

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6 Mythril

This definitely should be better than diamond, no question, great idea!

Mythril would be WAY better than diamond...

A tier between iron and diamond.

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7 Silver Ore

How about silver ore spawns only in the nether (for a change) and wither skeletons spawn with silver swords... Silver would be less common than nether quartz and is a little better than gold, and more durable too.

If they have gold, they need to have silver. don't forget the werewolves. AWESOME SUGGESTION

Silver iron and goldfish are awesome

You know, adding silver is pretty much guarenting werewolves. They can only be killed by silver.

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8 Painite
9 Rainbow Ore

I think it would be cool to have rainbows in the sky after it stops raining. A rainbow block is a cool idea- but seems kind of out of place in Minecraft. It would be right at home in the Aether mod, though.

This would be pretty and awesome

You should also have rainbow block, it would be a cool building material

More like gay ore lol

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10 Uranium Ore

It could be a way of killing things! Place a block of uranium within blocks of it and it's health starts to decrease, or you could put it under a water source block to produce heat and steam, so you could have saunas or more realistic baths

It could be depleted to become depleted uranium for very strong tools and armour.

It would be cool if it was added in and u can make mutant versions of an Animal/mob

Add it notch add it

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? Cobalt Ore

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11 Opal

I was not born in October but I love this color

Very awesome imagine the armor...

I think it should be added because Opal look awesome

Same here and its epic too!

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12 Topaz Ore

I would love this maybe build a house out of it

My birthstone but I wonder if emerald is a birth stone

My birthstone too, I'm in!

It's my birthstone duh

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13 Azurite Ore

A beautiful dark blue gem. About the strength as iron.

I really like that idea.

14 Plutonium

I know there's mods with Uranium and Plutonium so I figure add it with Vanilla Minecraft instead of mod packs like Tekkit (Tekkit is awesome though)

15 Enderium

Maybe you could craft ender pearls from this?

16 Zircon Ore

Have you ever SEEN Zircon? It's a beautiful amber colour... I think it would be a great addition to MC. My opinion... I just think it would be interesting... what would you be able to make with Zircon!?!? Oh, this is getting me excited!

Zircon comes in a variety of colors, notably being white, clear, amber, and blue. - Juan-Luis

A way to make a Jewlery table, we already have gold, a gold chain with this gem on it! Awesome!

17 Citrine

Citrine is my favorite gem!

18 Kryptonite

I spelled it wrong.

Think of it in the superman mod

19 Butter Ore

Hey, notch knows about sky, so why not? People could stop saying "It's butter, not gold." because it wouldn't! This would be butter, and people can call it butter, while gold is gold.

Okay but how about instead of mining it we make a butter churn and churn the milk and then it turns into some butter? And if you have enough then you can make a block out of it?

Screw butter ore. Would be the most useless thing ever.

More like noob ore

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20 Titanium

Titanium is not as rare as you might guess - it's actually the fourth most abundant metallic element in the earth, after aluminum, magnesium and iron.
It is just very costly to make - Joah

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