Top Ten Ores That Should Be Added In Minecraft

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61 Sunstone Ore
62 Jade Ore
63 Graphite Ore

If you add enough heat and pressure to graphite, it will turn into diamond.

64 Bronze Ore

Although not as valuable than gold (yes I said gold not budder so deal with it), it is stronger, so I would put it in between chain and iron.

65 Villager Ore
66 Benfalite Ore

Come on! It can be found in the 1.8 water temples and is stronger than diamond

67 Notch Ore

Rarest ore of all never loses durability and is 90000000000000000000000 times better than ender ore of endness

68 Tanzinite
69 Notch Diamond Ore

If you find a diamond mine it it could be a notch diamond ore!

70 Grass Ore
71 Dragonite Ore

I have a dragonite on Pokemon stadium - Goatworlds

I like dragonite it would be awesome but with out tje dragon instead the atual gem to make the tools and armor

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72 Hyperite Ore
73 Hot Crystal Ore
74 Unobtanium Ore
75 Francium
76 Rust Ore

Turn gold, diamond, emerald and glow stone blocks all rusty

It can turn grass and other block all rusty

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77 Princess Ore
78 Pig Ore
79 Fish Ore

When holding this ore you can breathe underwater like the water breathing potion but for ever but it would be the rarest ore in the game,about a 10000000 times rarer than emeralds.

80 Cheese Ore V 1 Comment
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