Top 10 Organization XIII Members

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1 Axel

Axel:Man you guys are slow. Haven't you heard that I'm the most liked of Organization XIII? Oh yeah, and, got it memorized?

Gee, should I be surprised by this? But sarcasm aside, yeah, I agree. He is indeed the best!

Azel is amazing. Plain in simple!
Got, a badass, and.. well... every-damn thing inbetween!
I love him.
And that's why my main username to most places is: Axels_icy_lover
I love him! x3

Axel : Im Second , Got I Memorized

2 Demyx

Demyx is the best like that. He shows emotions and is funny! Also the way he said silence traitor like it was a bad word... well, now it surely is. So you who don't vote for Dem-Dem here... YOU ARE TRAITORS!

Good looks and adorable personality. can't resist him. even if I don't like his element or fighting style.

You're a traitor if you don't vote demyx. He's so funny and cool. DANCE WATER, DANCE!

Demyx : YAY , im third ! DO I GET A COOKIE

3 Roxas

Cute, brave, loyal and overall awesome friend, but don't let his sweet smile fool you, because if you threaten those who are important to him, he'll wipe the floor with you! The very definiton of a badass character!

Roxas : WOOOP , Hear That Sora , Were Number 5 !
Sora : WOOH

4 Xigbar

Xigbar : .... Fii ... Feou ...Fo... Fou ... Four , FOUR ! Im FOURTH ... let me just check that again

5 Marluxia

Why I like him:
1. His Somebody used to be an Union Leader.
2. He is fabulous AND intelligent enough, not to call you nicknames like "darling", "sweetie" unlike those cliché pretty boy males in other video games.
3. Death motifs EVERYWHERE!

Oldest of the menbers, sneaky assassin, not even norted like the rest is being!
Most beautiful final boss of the series and hope he will come for more with that strelezia nobody grim reaper

He should be the leader of organization xiii

Marluxia is ay

6 Zexion

Zexion: *looks up from book* Another vote... For me?... Wow...

Zexion : wow ... I'm on a list ... big whoop

Most underrated character

7 Saix

He might be a jerk, but unlike a certain Savage Nymph, when he cuts, he cuts deep, instead of just being a random bully. I also like him as Isa and I really hope his old self helps him out of the Darkness. Alsoalso MOON POWER!

I feel what happened to him and Axel when they were friends should be talked about more. A lot more.

Organization 13 best boi. That blue hair is amazing

Saix : ... Well ... Atleast Im On The List

8 Luxord

I'd rather we just skip the formalities

Ugh... you... play the game... quite well...

9 Larxene

Total badass, best fighter in the Org. She kicked everyone’s ass in the KH2 data battles.

Larxene : Got That You TWERPS , IM NUMBER 1 , I RULE YOU ALL ! First Things First , Do Me A Manicure !

10 Xemnas

This is the most intellegent member of orginiazation XII, and how the hell is Larxene #2? I OBJECT!

Xemnas : 9 !!! I Am The Leader Of Organization XIII !!! I DEMAND A Higher Rank !!!

The Contenders
11 Lexaeus
12 Xion

Aww no love for Xion?
Cool boss fight with even cooler armor?
Tearjerking theme song?
Kind heart? (yes, she has It)
Doesn't It ring a bell?

She's so adorable especially in the 358/2 days manga

13 Vexen

If a Nobody has a cool (no pun intended) shield, super creepy laugh and and the voice of DemiDevimon, then he definitely deserves my vote! Go Chilly Academic!

Vexen : How Coincidental , Im 6 , Just As The 6 Components Of The Hipotinuse Of The Experiment Im 4 Quaters Of Half Way Through

14 Xaldin
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