Top 10 Organization XIII Members

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1 Axel

Azel is amazing. Plain in simple!
Got, a badass, and.. well... every-damn thing inbetween!
I love him.
And that's why my main username to most places is: Axels_icy_lover
i love him! x3

Axel:Man you guys are slow. Haven't you heard that I'm the most liked of Organization XIII? Oh yeah, and, got it memorized?

Axel : Im Second , Got I Memorized

He's tied for my favorite kingdom hearts charater tied with master aqua and rember got it merized

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2 Roxas Roxas

Roxas : WOOOP , Hear That Sora , Were Number 5 !
Sora : WOOH

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3 Demyx

Demyx is the best like that. He shows emotions and is funny! Also the way he said silence traitor like it was a bad word... well, now it surely is. So you who don't vote for Dem-Dem here... YOU ARE TRAITORS!

Demyx : YAY , im third ! DO I GET A COOKIE

4 Xigbar

Xigbar : .... Fii ... Feou ...Fo... Fou ... Four , FOUR ! Im FOURTH ... let me just check that again

5 Marluxia

Marluxia : Aha ! I'm Finally Above That Hack Of A Leader

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6 Zexion

Zexion: *looks up from book* Another vote... For me?... Wow...

Zexion : wow ... im on a list ... big whoop

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7 Xemnas

This is the most intellegent member of orginiazation XII, and how the hell is Larxene #2? I OBJECT!

Xemnas : 9 !!! I Am The Leader Of Organization XIII !!! I DEMAND A Higher Rank !!!

8 Saix

I feel what happened to him and Axel when they were friends should be talked about more. A lot more.

Please give the moody moon boy more love
he may be a jerk but you can admire how dedicated he was
keep on truckin' lil Saix trying to take on Xemnas and all that
Isa deserved better

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9 Larxene

Larxene : Got That You TWERPS , IM NUMBER 1 , I RULE YOU ALL ! First Things First , Do Me A Manicure !

10 Xion Xion

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11 Vexen

Vexen : How Coincidental , Im 6 , Just As The 6 Components Of The Hipotinuse Of The Experiment Im 4 Quaters Of Half Way Through

12 Lexaeus
13 Xaldin
14 Luxord
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1. Axel
2. Roxas
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1. Demyx
2. Axel
3. Roxas

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Roxas is Awesome
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