Roxas is Awesome

Alpha101 Okay. Roxas is way better than Sora!

Anyway, number one, Roxas has awesome keyblades! Oathkeeper and Oblivion. Some people don't know this but the reason Roxas has the keyblades is because Oathkeeper reminds him of the promise he made Xion and Oblivion because she's dead. Those two keyblades are his because of Xion.

Number two, he's very powerful. He killed Siax! He's like the second most powerfull Organization XIII member!

Number three, he will do anything to get Xion back. He fought and almost killed Riku, he ditched the Organization, fought and almost killed Sora, well, you know what I mean.

Number four, he looks awesome! When you look at Sora you see a little kid with brown hair and in red and white clothes. When you look at Roxas you see a guy in a black coat with one keyblade that's white, and onejeyblade that's black. Which one sounds cooler?

Roxas is my all time favorite character and I hope he's in Kingdom Hearts 3! Okay guys! Alpha101 out!


Yeah I just can't imagine roxas in kh3 after seeing the kh3 trailer he is going to be so awesome, just imagine roxas with kh3 graphics jumping from a building and holding his 2 keyblades! - visitor