Best Original House of Anubis Characters

I decided to make a list of the best characters, from the original, season one!

The Top Ten

1 Nina Martin

She is the best! I hope there is a season 4 so she could be back on the show again!

I think everyone on the show is great but nina is my favourite because she is nice smart pretty and kind. I hope there is a season four and if there is I hope fabina get's back together

2 Fabian Rutter

Fabian is so kind and hot

3 Patrica Williamson

Patricia is definitely my favorite. My favorite quote by her is:
Victor says: "Did you check the tunnels? "
Patricia says: "Not in this outfit! Wait, did I just say that? "
It's so funny because it's true, why would she say that? She's the best character because she's hilarious.

She is my favorite - ivymae1

I love patricia! Shes so funny! I rly hope there's a season 4!

4 Amber Millington

She is so girly girl, but yet she cares about people so much and even though she is rich she is not mean

She is so funny I love her too much

5 Alfie Lewis
6 Jerome Clarke
7 Mara Jaffray

She has a nice face cut n good in studies

8 Mick Campbell
9 Joy Mercer

Should. Be. Higher.

10 Victor Rodemeir
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