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41 The Return

Without a doubt, this is the most underrated killswich engage song. This song is fantastic. Amazing vocals. Beautiful lyrics. This song should moat definitely be in the top 10

42 Hope Is...

Hope is, is one of the amazing song by Ks€ …i still wonder at times that what exactly they played in the chorus part. Hahhhaha.. It's so beautiful

43 Time Will Not Remain
44 The Turning Point

This is an awesome song, one of the best on disarm the descent. it needs more recognition.

45 Save Me

This one one of Howard Jones' best works and should be at least in the top 3
If not #1 on this list seriously just listen to it it has some of the best vocals in Killswitch Engage

Why is this is so low?! Howard's clean singing is gorgeous!

Come on peeps, at least top 10!

46 Still Beats Your Name

The verses are standard KSE but the chorus is EPIC. Listen and wait for it. If you don't start singing along with this, you must be dead

47 Life to Lifeless
48 Until the Day

The best song in the new album!

49 Rise Inside

This is one of their top 5 for sure. More hardcover than most.

50 Lost

This is not their best but it definitely should not be all the way down here

I love this song, the chorus is awesome, it definitely should be in the list!

51 All That We Have
52 In the Unblind

Revolutionary song! A great musical creation. Short, but impactful. This lyrics is strong and revolutionary

"Rise against the oppresion, resist and question/Burns the system! Kill the system! Kill the mindstate..."
Awesome song, awesome lyrics! Undoubtedly deserves a place in the top 10.

53 Soilborn
54 Declaration

Declaration Riffs is the best ever. Howard's sing is beautiful!

55 A Tribute to the Fallen

The whole album Disarm the Descent is really well done but this song kills it. Jesse nails it with his shouting like screams and then goes for an insanly epic clean vocal chorus that blows my mind away. The bridge with the solo feels fresh and is totally different from the rest of the song. The ending part fades out perfectly and the accoustic part following up just perfectly fits to this modern metal masterpiece. Jesse is finally back, better than ever!

Best song on Disarm the Descent... - ImagineACoolUsernameHere

56 When the Balance Is Broken

Spectacular song! Beautiful instrumental and well-executed vocal!

57 Take Me Away

What... No. 47? How is this possible?

Not from the best album sure but hands down one of my favorite songs from the Howard era of KSE. This is one of the songs where his cleans absolutely shine.

58 Desperate Times

Desperate times is one of the amazing songs from As daylight dies.. Chorus is like very well vocal work by howard jones..

Try listen at bridge song so badass

59 New Awakening

55?! WHAT! THIS SONG ROCKS - heavymetalrocker777

60 Temple from the Within

This is their first song and it is actually the one song that gives me the MOST chills. Undoubtedly their most beautiful and haunting song.

"Teach me to inscribe these words on my heart... Cover me with the shadow of your hand."

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