Top Ten Most Original Minecraft Mobs


The Top Ten

1 Creeper

Fun Fact! : When Notch was creating pigs, he encoded them wrong, making them totally deformed! He thought it looked cool, so he changed the color to green, and the Creeper was born! - NintendoROCK3T

It isn't based on real life animals or even fantasy creatures!

Minecraft is the only game that has Creepers. Sooo...

Its fun to know that a creeper and a pig are practicly uncles

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2 Mooshroom

We saw the self-destruct factor often in video games for the creeper. But have you ever seen a MUSHROOM COW?! No, you didn't.

A mushroom+cow=mooshroom I hope I find one and can make it my pet!

There awesome there basically a mushroom infected cow

They are 2 kewt 4 Minecraft

3 Ghast

It is ans original mob, all right. IT IS A FLyiNG MARSHMALLOW OF DOOM!

4 Wither

WAIT HOLD ON, this was here around 1.4 - JaketheCake8

5 Blaze

A animal that looks like flying budder I hope there's a mod out there where you can tame blazes. They are awesome flying buddery thingamajigs

6 Magma Cube
7 Zombie Pigman
8 Snow Golem

Snow golems are so funny they shoot a zombie and the zombie attacks the golem but it keeps throwing snowballs at it laugh out loud!

Ha ha the stupid or they were playing snowball fight

9 Iron Golem
10 Villager

There Idiots but there villages really add something to the game its like an actual town cool

This would be freaky but awesome - MoldySock

The Contenders

11 Zombie

It was the first mob available to destroy, slay or kill

12 Spider Jockey

I have the toy

13 Mobzilla

Come on its mobzilla. It is so awesome!

14 Baby Zombie Riding a Chicken

Come on, they can have armor and they give you prpoper food when you kill the chicken. Plus they look cool, especially with golden armor!

15 Enderman

Surprised it wasn't even on the list. Sure, they may be based on Slenderman, but still.

16 Guardian

This is the latest mob - JaketheCake8

17 Mothra Mothra
18 Endermite

You throw a ender pearl and it summons a endermite

19 Slime
20 Pig

Pigs are so funny

21 Cephadrome

THIS isn't IN Minecraft

It's a tamable hammerheaded dragon what else do you want

22 Battra Larva

Its huge and looks like the one in the movie

23 Ender Dragon
24 Rainbow Zombies

These zombies are tameable,when they die there drops are its skin which is super hard and can be crafted into armour and can BREED! These zombies are super awesome!

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