Top Ten Original, Non-Rip-Off Led Zeppelin Songs

The Top Ten

1 Kashmir

To MT and somekindofaguy, to me Led Zeppelin is one of the stupidest bands of all ti me. They ruined their talent. They could play good music if they wanted to. Jimmy Page did it, by the way Robert Plant was good. He wrote his songs in his solo career. - zxm

And this is hell of a song! - zxm

Everybody plagiarized songs (more or less). I hit the searched on YouTube I saw good bands have got ripp off cases too. - zxm

@MT, I know you don't like Led Zeppelin or Jimmy page. But I am sure you like Robert Plant, right? - zxm

2 Heartbreaker
3 Achilles Last Stand

Underrated as hell! - Brobusky

4 Good Times Bad Times
5 Black Dog
6 Immigrant Song
7 The Rain Song
8 I'm Gonna Crawl
9 Your Time Is Gonna Come
10 Ramble On

The Contenders

11 Communication Breakdown

Not sure, but maybe this one's rip off too. Eddie Cochran's Nervous Breakdown. - zxm

12 Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)
13 The Ocean
14 Tangerine

I never heard any plagiarism about this song - zxm

15 The Battle of Evermore
16 Bron-Y-aur Stomp
17 All My Love
18 Ten Years Gone
19 That's the Way
20 Going to California
21 Rock and Roll

This one doesn't count. The drum intro sounds too much like "Keep a-Knockin'" by Little Richard. - Gg2000

22 No Quarter
23 D'yer Mak'er
24 Misty Mountain Hop
25 What is and What Should Never Be
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