Top 10 Orlando Magic Coaching Candidates for the 2016-2017 Season

The Top Ten

1 Frank Vogel

Vogel is arguably the best candidate for the team and has led the Pacers to the playoffs and developed their young talent. - Latinrocket

2 Adrian Griffin

Yo Adrian is the former assistant and can provide continuity to the team. - Latinrocket

3 Brian Hill

Brian Hill has championship experience and the Magic can "right a wrong" again if he is hired for his third stint. He has done a great job in all his coaching stops and is a great leader. - Latinrocket

4 Keon Weise

Athletic trainer Weise can be the next great coaching find. He holds the clipboard all the time and is familiar with all the plays dating back to the Stan Van Gundy era. He can utilize his playbook knowledge and introduce the team to winning basketball. - Latinrocket

5 Matt Guokas

The first coach in team history has proven that he can lead an expansion team and with the current Magic roster that resembles an expansion team, he can spread his knowledge of the game and influence them. A member of the 1967 76ers, Guokas is a proven winner. He also coached Moses Malone, Dr. J, Charles Barkley, and Shaq. - Latinrocket

6 Jack "Goose" Givens

Goose Givens is the former color commentator and is a college basketball legend. He can relate to the current players as most of them are college age. - Latinrocket

7 Richie Adubato

Adubato, the former coach and now radio analyst is a bonafide coaching legend. He can show the team what it takes to be a winner, as he was the assistant during the 1995 Eastern conference championship run. - Latinrocket

8 Tyronn Lue

Even though he is the current Cavs coach, Lue might be tempted to join his former team and be given the chance to prove that he can really coach a team without star players. Lue, a member of th worst and arguably best teams in Magic history, has worked under the top coaches in the game and also played with the biggest superstars in the game. - Latinrocket

9 Penny Hardaway

Penny is a proven high school coach and led his team to a state title. Even though he has no pro coaching experience he is a famous name and a popular player too. Hiring him would be another example of "righting a wrong." - Latinrocket

10 Gregg Popovich

Pop's Spurs underachieved this year and he could very well be looking for another challenge so why not go East and coach an up and coming team so he can shut up the doubters who think he can only coach superstars. - Latinrocket

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