Oscars 2018

MegaSoulhero So a couple of months ago, I made a top 10 list of my predictions as to what’s going to win in each category of this year’s Oscars. The predictions I commented under are mine by the way. I did the same thing for last year’s Oscars and 8 out of 10 of the predictions I made were correct. Of course since it was a top 10 list and I didn’t feel like adding on to it, I didn’t make a prediction for each category. I limited it to 10. I did again this year and got the same results. 8 out of 10 of my predictions on the list were correct. But something different happened this year. I was right about the Best Picture winner!

If you remember last year, I predicted that La La Land would win Best Picture. And for about 2 minutes I was right. Then it was revealed that they messed up and gave the presenters the wrong envelope. The one that said “Emma Stone (La La Land)”. Instead, Moonlight was the real winner. Honestly, La La Land should’ve won. I was really angered by that. This year, they had the same presenters from last year present the Best Picture award to give them a second chance. And the movie that won was the Shape of Water! Don’t worry. Guillermo del Toro checked the card to make sure it was correct. I was so happy because I was actually right about what would win Best Picture! Everyone kept on saying that Three Billboards was gonna win, but I had faith in Shape of Water. It’s such an iconic film.

The other predictions I got right were very unsurprising. Coco won Best Animated Feature. Who didn’t see that coming? Not only that, but it also won Best Original Song! Which I was really happy about. I would’ve been fine with Mighty River, Mystery of Love, or Stand Up for Something winning as well. I’m just glad that This is Me lost. Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay I got right. But the ones I got wrong were Best Visual Effects and Best Original Screenplay. I thought Planet of the Apes would win Best Visual Effects, which hasn’t happened in the past, but instead it went to Blade Runner 2049. Am I upset? No. Because Blade Runner deserves it A LOT more! I’m glad it won two Oscars. For Original Screenplay, I said Three Billboards would win. Instead, it went to Get Out. Again, I’m not upset. Because Get Out was a great movie and deserved it. I’ve noticed that a lot of people are upset that Star Wars didn’t win anything. I’m not surprised that it didn’t win anything. Like Best Original Score? It was just the same music from the previous films but with slight changes. Baby Driver didn’t win anything either. It should’ve won for Sound Editing. Instead, they gave it to Dunkirk for Sound Editing AND Sound Mixing. I mean, I’m glad Dunkirk won some Oscars, but Baby Driver should’ve won something.

Overall, I pretty much enjoyed this year’s Oscars. I wasn’t satisfied with every win, but there was definitely a lot of entertaining moments. I especially loved the performance of Remember Me. Very good. By the way, now that Shape of Water won Best Picture, does that mean Disney will greenlight that Haunted Mansion reboot?


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