Worst Oscar Snubs for Performances in Horror Films

This list is made up of performances that did not get any Oscar nominations that should have.

The Top Ten

1 Jack Nicholson - The Shining

Amazing role, nobody could do the role of Jack as good as him

2 Anthony Perkins - Psycho

He really should have gotten one and it is rather an outrage he didn't. But I have noticed the trend with the Oscars and how they hardly ever, if at all, award a performance in a horror.

3 Donald Pleasence - Halloween
4 Robert Englund - Nightmare on Elm Street

Everyone on this list deserved it but Rob's my favorite and he SO did a GREAT job as Freddy and really deserves it. No one can say they don't agree.

5 Neve Campbell - Scream
6 Reggie Bannister - Phantasm
7 Crispin Glover - Willard

This performance was the worst snub in film history for a horror movie. He should have taking home the oscar for Best Actor in 2003.

Why on Earth Did he not get an Oscar for this performance.

8 Tony Todd - Candyman
9 Jenna Dewan - Tamara

Jenna showed 2 sides of her character - inconspicuous but sweet girl and sexy but so dangerous killer - Irina2932

sexiest evil I've ever seen - Alexandr

10 Ryo Ishibashi - Audition

The Contenders

11 Jim Siedow - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
12 Sissy Spacek - Carrie

The most iconic and well remembered horror character. Sissy Spacek deserves this more than Faye Dunaway. - Karlbar

13 Naomi Watts - The Ring
14 Betsy Palmer - Friday The 13th
15 Sigourney Weaver - Copycat

Sigi was brilliant as Dr. Helen Hudson - Alexandr

Get her off the air!
Plaid-out to the max!
ON air every night for yearss and years!
And too many times daily for more Years!
Was OK in the 70's for one viewing, but come on guys?
At least 3000 times a year? Too MUch?

16 Eddie Cibrian - The Cave
17 Eliza Dushku - Wrong Turn
18 Cerina Vincent - Cabin Fever
19 Cecile De France - Haute Tension
20 Jamie Lee Curtis - Halloween
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