Best Osomatsu-Kun/Osomatsu-San Character


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1 Karamatsu Matsuno Karamatsu Matsuno

Same! I feel like this character needs more love to be honest

Favourite character - thunderfox8

Him and Jyushi are best boi

Mwah lil blueberry!

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2 Ichimatsu Matsuno Ichimatsu Matsuno

Dark outside soft inside love this man

He's so relatable

Best boi

Ichi is bae

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3 Jyushimatsu Matsuno Jyushimatsu Matsuno

Jyushimatsu is my child of heart but you got to admit, some parts of the fandom ruined his character by making him more kinky and/or depressed. - SquishyTofuu

I picked him because I am fifth son too, and he has same as my personality and I like yellow too. Isn't it illegal to have cartoon twin brother?

Look at this Cutie he looks like a marshmallow

He my yellow child! :3

4 Choromatsu Matsuno Choromatsu Matsuno

Mah frog baby

He's such a bae

I love Choromatsu!
l love everything about him!

I love how Choromatsu has very straight voice! And I also love Hiroshi Kamiya! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

5 Todomatsu Matsuno Todomatsu Matsuno

He's a cutie

6 Osomatsu Matsuno Osomatsu Matsuno

Osomatsu is just Stan marsh anime ripoff they both get drunk a lot I hope they'll be rivals

Stan marsh is better than osomatsu because he's sucks

He's number 6?! Oh come on people, why Oso doesn't has much love 😒. Sure he's the most boring Matsu, sure he's the trashies brother, sure he's not a good nii-san compared to Karamatsu, but he wants to be a great nii-san for his brothers just like Kara. He just doesn't want to show his love to his brothers directly, he has his own way. He even get stressed and feeling lonely when his brothers left, it shows that he love and care about them. He wants to playing around with his brothers like his childhood (osomatsu-kun) forever :3.

7 Iyami Iyami
8 Chibita Chibita
9 Totoko Totoko

Nobody likes her to be honest - TheEvilAlpaca

Ughh I love her so much lmao, she needs more appreciation

10 Homerun Girl

The Contenders

11 Nyaa Hashimoto Nyaa Hashimoto
12 Tougou Tougou
13 Hatabou!

How was my baby not on here tf? In Osomatsu-kun he's just a young, mentally challenged boy trying his best, and as an autistic person I highly respect that! Seeing him getting so rich in Osomatsu-san was so satisfying! The fact Tougou was on here and not Hatabou is super awful. Seeing him talk about wanting a girlfriend and friends in season two made me so sad like, let the boy be happy tf?

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