Best Osomatsu-Kun/Osomatsu-San Character


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1 Karamatsu Matsuno Karamatsu Matsuno

Same! I feel like this character needs more love to be honest

Favourite character - thunderfox8

Him and Jyushi are best boi

Without a doubt my favourite brother. he's just so cool. Even though they all look the same,I think he looks the handsomest out of all of the brothers.

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2 Ichimatsu Matsuno Ichimatsu Matsuno

He's so relatable


Ichi is bae

3 Jyushimatsu Matsuno Jyushimatsu Matsuno

Jyushimatsu is my child of heart but you got to admit, some parts of the fandom ruined his character by making him more kinky and/or depressed. - SquishyTofuu

He my yellow child! :3

4 Todomatsu Matsuno Todomatsu Matsuno
5 Choromatsu Matsuno Choromatsu Matsuno V 2 Comments
6 Osomatsu Matsuno Osomatsu Matsuno

Osomatsu is just Stan marsh anime ripoff they both get drunk a lot I hope they'll be rivals

Stan marsh is better than osomatsu because he's sucks

7 Iyami Iyami
8 Chibita Chibita
9 Totoko Totoko

Nobody likes her to be honest - TheEvilAlpaca

10 Homerun Girl

The Contenders

11 Nyaa Hashimoto Nyaa Hashimoto
12 Tougou Tougou
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