Top Ten Other Careers For Justin Bieber

She should not be in the music industry. She's a shame to it. Vote for a career that is suitable for her.

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1 Terrorist

He's too dumb to be one!

This is so funny - RoseCandyMusic

ISIS is his best friend - imacg4

2 Make Up Artist

Just anything... As long as he's not singing. - gelatinbeastworm

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3 Mafia Member
4 Arms Dealer
5 Waterboy

Every NBA game, she will be always present at the bench side handling cups of water to exhausted players. - joshsanz

6 Smuggler
7 Blackmail Sender
8 Gameshow Dancer

Look at those gameshow dancers, I could almost imagine Bieber dancing along other girls. - joshsanz

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9 Pole Dancer

It's different from the other one. Well, deserves him this kind of job. - joshsanz

10 Clown

The Contenders

11 Prostitute

This job or career is better for her. - joshsanz

Its perfect for Justin

He already does this!

This fits JB.

12 McDonald's Employee

Imagine hearing this

"Welcome to McDonalds, this is Justin speaking"

13 Thug
14 Slave

It would be funny

15 Scammer
16 Slave Trader

Isn't he supposed to be the slave?

17 Domestic Helper In Saudi Arabia

Have you ever heard of some male being raped in a country somewhere in middle east because they don't have any beards, mustache and identities of being a male specie. Let's see if bieber can survive this job. - joshsanz

18 Dog Poop Scooper
19 Extra In a Movie Rape Scene

No, he's the one getting raped.

20 Toilet Cleaner

That would be an awesome job for him! If he ever does, would someone take a video of him cleaning a nasty toilet. - funnyuser

I think this would be a GREAT job for him.

It's a better job than being a prostitute, though.

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1. Terrorist
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