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1 Clumsy

If you grew up when Superman died you will definitely get it

Its just one of those albums that every single song is completely awesome in a different way. Even though spiritual machines is a great album, this one deserves to be number one

Carnival is another really good one from this album

Olp's break through album led by songs like "Clumsy", "4am", "Supermans Dead" and "Automatic Flowers". Some personal favourites (not as well known) being "Car Crash" and "Hello Oscar"

2 Spiritual Machines

Doesn't have all of my favourite songs, but is the album I listen to from start to finish without skipping any tracks. Solid album worthy of top spot

As an album, OLP’s best. Start to finish. Artwork. Concept. Flow. Experience. #1 bar none.

Best overall album by olp. Every song is amazing.

3 Naveed

A solid rock album with absolutely no filler. Packed with songs like "Starseed" and "Naveed" the album continually gets better all the way to the end.

4 Gravity

Although olp changed their music style significantly when recording Gravity they still released a great album that many love.

5 Happiness Is Not a Fish You Can Catch

One of my top 5 favorite albums of all time. There's an intensity to it that just gets me amped up. I have to disagree with the reviewer who says it dies in the end. Although my favorites are One Man Army, Potato Girl and Waited, the end trio of Annie, Consequences of Laughing and Stealing Babies are all excellent. Can't say enough good things about this album, it gets a very slight nod over Spiritual Machines for me.

Not only is it the best OLP album, it is also one of my favorite albums ever. Great piece of art, from beginning to end.

Happiness starts off strong with many of their greatest songs but dies a little at the end. In my opinion not there best album overall.

The sister album to Clumsy...underrated album for sure. Great from start to finish.

6 Burn Burn

Definitely their most underrated album. With many great songs like "Dreamland", "White Flags", "Never Get Over You", "Paper Moon" it's an album that appeals to basically anyone.

7 Curve
8 Healthy In Paranoid Times

In my opinion Healthy in Paranoid Times is their worst album. It's still got a few songs that are very good but definitely doesn't compare to any other albums by them.

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