Top Ten Most Over-Hated Music Artists

There are a number of bands and artists who we love to bash, for various reasons--they're overplayed, they sold out, they make you want to vomit, whatever. But, quite a few of them are really worth examining on their own merits.

Please note that this is a list for music ARTISTS. So the likes of Justin Bieber need not apply.

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1 Billy Joel Billy Joel

I guarantee, 90% of the Billy-bashers have only heard "Piano Man", "Just the Way You Are", "Uptown Girl", and his other overplayed singles. Listen to Turnstiles and The Stranger, then get back to me.

"So let me lie, and let me go on sleeping. And I will lose myself in palaces of sand. And all the fantasies that I have been keeping will make the empty hours easier to stand." - Everybody Has a Dream (1977)

"They say that these are not the best of times, but they're the only times I've ever known. And I believe there is a time for medititation in cathedrals of our own. Now I have seen that sad surrender in my lover's eyes, and I can only stand apart and sympathize. For we are always what our situations hand us. It's either sadness or euphoria." - Summer, Highland Falls (1976)

Just a couple examples of his brilliant lyrics. - PetSounds

When I clicked on this list, I was expecting to see it full of Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold, Nickelback, Creed, etc. I am relieved to see that this list is full of great bands/singers. Personally I don't think I have ever seen a "Billy-Basher", and I didn't know it was possible to dislike Billy Joel. In fact, I saw him live last year! - ryanrimmel

I think Billy Joel is a terrific musician. His writing skills are undeniable, his voice is perfect, he's a great showman. What's not to like? - BKAllmighty

Well I am in that ten percent

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2 The Eagles The Eagles The Eagles are an American rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1971 by Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, and Randy Meisner.

I just don't get the Eagles hatred. How can you not love "Take It Easy", "Already Gone", and "New Kid in Town"? And that's not even mentioning their deeper cuts. - PetSounds

Are people actually stupid enough to hate the eagles when Justin Bieber is out there? Some people don't appreciate good music these days

Very good old "classical" rock band, who hates them please type what you love, it's extremely interesting.
P.S. Thumbs up who think Hotel California's one of the GREATEST rock songs of all time! - Fan_of_Good_Music

Are the Eagles hated at all? - IronSabbathPriest

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3 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, song writer, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada (despite once claiming he was Part-Indian) and he's Christian . He's the son of an author, Pattie Mallet. more.

I didn't include him on the original list, since nobody really criticizes his music. It's just him. - PetSounds

Honestly? Does there need to be any further explanation? - Turkeyasylum

Bieber is an arrogant jerk, but his music isn't the worst I've ever heard.

Many people criticize his music but I agree that it is mainly his attitude that people hate...however,i feel he deserves a lot of the crud he's getting to be honest.

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4 Marilyn Manson

He gets so much hate, but artists should strive to be like him. he is very original and unique, and while his songs can be too loud and fast for me sometimes, they carry deep meaning. One of the most misunderstood musical artists in history! - Alpha101

A lot of people think he's evil, but he's really a nice guy in real life. His songs actually do have positive messages disguised as bad ones.

As long as we see him as a disturbing musician and his music's disturbing, who cares who's he in real life? - Fan_of_Good_Music

Yea he's a very controversial artist, but everything he does is for a reason with a deep meaning. - ComaWhite21

I don't get why people hate him so much. We should be praising him because he really knows what he's talking about. Things that need to be heard and acknowledged.

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5 Queen Queen Queen are a British rock group formed in 1970. Members were Freddie Mercury (Vocals and Piano), Brian May (Guitar, Vocals), Roger Taylor (Drums, Vocals), and John Deacon (Bass Guitar, Vocals). Before forming into Queen, Brian May and Roger Taylor had played together in a band named Smile. Freddie Mercury more.

I get that some people wouldn't like some of their songs, but Queen has great diversity and difference between their songs. Who knows how many people they have inspired? Also, who could dislike Killer Queen, Fat Bottomed Girls, Don't Stop Me Now, and many others? - pandagirl

Lots of people say they only got popular because most of their songs are "radio friendly." While this is true, they still have amazing songs. "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Killer Queen," and "The Show Must Go On" are some of my favorites. - Alpha101

Hipsters love to pile on the hatred for some reason. Let's be honest, there's no denying the greatness of "Bohemian Rhapsody". - PetSounds

Seriously? The guys who sang bohemian rhapsody? It's stuff like this that Freddy Mercury turn in his grave. You have to be the biggest idiot in the world to hate this band

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6 Dream Theater Dream Theater Dream Theater is an American progressive metal band. The band was formed in 1985 under the name of "Majesty", but had to change its name to Dream Theater later. more.

What a great band. Most people don't appreciate these guys and I don't understand why. Best Prog. Metal band of all time. - Beatlesboy9

Personally I don't like their fans, who always use instrumental complexity as a meter for rating bands and songs.

I don't think I've ever seen anyone bash Dream Theater. They're pretty much impossible to hate - ryanrimmel

Amazing band, how is it humanely possible to hate them?! - IronSabbathPriest

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7 Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen

The Boss has written some brilliant songs and lyrics. "Born to Run" and "Thunder Road" are simply perfect. - PetSounds

He can't sing. Listen to his version of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and you'll see what I mean. - RiverClanRocks

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8 Styx

Wonderful list Spencer. My list would probably have had 7 of these and that simply shows how similar our tastes are in Music. - Beatlesboy9

Ok, I have seen these guys live and they are not a bad band at all. And now they have Lawrence Gowan (a Canadian ;)) as their lead singer and he's the perfect fit for their sound. They have a great set list of songs, too. - BKAllmighty

They're not as bad as some say they are. In fact, they actually got some great songs.

9 Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj is an American rapper / pop music artist. Nicki is most known for songs like "Anaconda", "Only", "Truffle Butter", "Super Bass" and "Stupid Hoe" . Her real name is Onika Tanya Maraj. She was born on December 8, 1982 in Saint James Trinidad and Tobago. more.

She can't rap. When she tries to she sounds like a 2 year old.

She is not so good, I kinda like her songs

What's this joke doing on the list?

Number 10? Nicki Minaj is overhated? No, she deserves it

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10 Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Alison Swift (Taylor Swift) is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys . She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching more.

No.. There are much more music artists that are much, much worser than her! - LucyHeartfilia

The only thing I don't like about her is that she's not creative. All she ever really sings about are break ups and comparing herself to popular people, but you don't really hear her sing about anything else.

She's not so bad. I mean, not gonna lie, I genuinely like her songs. Not enough to listen to them on my own, but enough to sing along if I hear one of them. - keycha1n

Taylor Swift and ed sheer an are fantastic songwriters and are currently the only two GOOD pop artists out there...

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The Contenders

11 Jimmy Buffett

He's actually quite a lot of fun. Who can forget "Cheeseburger in Paradise" or "Why Don't We Get Drunk"? - PetSounds

12 Bon Jovi Bon Jovi Bon Jovi is a hard rock band formed in 1983, which had a streak of successful albums in the late 1980s. The band originally consisted of lead vocalist Jon Bon Jovi, guitarist Ritchie Sambora (left in 2013), bassist Alec John Such (left in 1994), keyboard David Bryan, and drummer Tico Torres. The band's more.

While I admit that they are not the best band in history, they have some great songs. I sing "Living on a Prayer" every day. Catchiest song in history. - Alpha101

Tell me you've never sung along to "Living on a Prayer". Go on. I dare you. - PetSounds

I haven't got to that stage, friend. Sorry. But it is a very good song. - PositronWildhawk

13 Rush Rush Rush is a Canadian progressive rock band that was formed in 1968. Even though the only founding member still in the band is Alex Lifeson (Guitar), the band is most well-known for their current members Neil Peart (Drums) and Geddy Lee (Bass, Vocals). more.

I love Rush. And I honestly haven't met anyone who actively hates them. So much talent from just 3 members. - IronSabbathPriest

I love Rush but I can see why people hate Rush- Geddy Lee's voice is very high pitched. - Pony

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14 Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus

She deserves the hate she gets. She may have a good voice but that doesn't excuse her awful lyrics.

She can sing you can't deny that but she is far from the best. Nothing to hate about her really..

I disagree with a lot of these actually...

15 Bob Dylan Bob Dylan Bob Dylan is an American singer-songwriter, artist and writer . he won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2016 .

Some of the general public may "hate" him but most musicians and artists appreciate and respect him, and credit him with being a strong influence. His spontaneity and experiments puts some off as well as his voice, "too deep" or unclear lyrics etc while others watch in awe, wonder and appreciation, trying to keep up.
I find his use of his voice often to be similar to a great actor and fitting to the songs, often an extension of the songs; otherwise, he's singing as he can and expressing his own songs and interpretations - doesn't have to be for everyone but it's certainly been for more than enough - Billyv

Sure he's got a "different" voice (And on that I find enjoyable! ). He's also had his share of controversial actions as well as things he's said (Most recently the comments on Merle Haggard), but he's just doing what he wants to do. There's nothing wrong with that to me! - higgsboson2142

Why would anyone hate on Bob Dylan? Because of his voice? That's not really a good reason on why you should hate on Bob. - Pony

He is a legend. Unfortunately he sounds like a zombie nowadays - ryanrimmel

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16 Coldplay Coldplay Coldplay are a British rock band formed in 1996. The band consists of Chris Martin (lead vocalist and pianist), Jonny Buckland (lead guitarist), Guy Berryman (bassist) and Will Champion (drummer and backing vocalist). Manager Phil Harvey is often considered an unofficial fifth member. The band renamed more.

I still fail to understand why so many people detest this group... I absolutely love their music, and yes, their last two albums were pretty awful, but listen to an album like Parachutes and A Rush Of Blood To The Head and tell me that there is nothing good there. I just don't see anything in their music that could possibly make so many people hate them so much. Just because something isn't "ground-breaking" or "genre-defining" doesn't mean it's bad. - Mard

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17 Lil Wayne Lil Wayne Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., also known professionally as Lil Wayne, is an American rapper. He was signed to Cash Money Records by Birdman at a young age . He has been critically acclaimed and even more panned throughout his career . He's often criticized for constantly talking about money, girls, and more.
18 Nickelback Nickelback Nickelback is a Canadian rock band formed in 1995 in Hanna, Alberta, Canada. The band is composed of guitarist and lead vocalist Chad Kroeger, guitarist, keyboardist and backing vocalist Ryan Peake, bassist Mike Kroeger, and drummer Daniel Adair.

Man he sucks so hard

I don't get why Nickelback is hated so much. Because 'unoriginal music'? Yet they were hated bewrly as much as Justin Bieber. I'm sorry, but I don't get it

19 The Cars The Cars The Cars are an American rock band that emerged from the new wave scene in the late 1970s. The band originated in Boston, Massachusetts in 1976, with singer, rhythm guitarist and songwriter Ric Ocasek, singer and bassist Benjamin Orr, lead guitarist Elliot Easton, keyboardist Greg Hawkes and drummer more.

I will now question as to why the legendary cars are hated. What is simply not to like? Talented catchy geniuses if you ask me. - Beatlesboy9

Well, I like them. 'You Might Think' and 'Just What I Needed' are among my favourite songs. 'My Best Friend's Girl' is great too. - BKAllmighty

They were 80s legends. You Might Think was amazing too. I certainly like them. - ruJILLous

How can anyone hate them? They are all very talented musicians and their music is awesome. I love The Cars. So many great hits and so underrated. They need more credit.

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20 Iggy Azalea Iggy Azalea Amethyst Amelia Kelly, known professionally as Iggy Azalea, is an Australian rapper, singer, songwriter, and model.
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