Top Ten Most Over the Top Marriage Proposals that Actually Happened and Actually Worked

The Top Ten

1 A man got his friends to pretend to be a motorbike gang. He then drove along with his girlfriend and the "gang" ambushed them, forced them both to get out of the car and open the trunk. In the trunk was a bouquet and a ring.

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Thanks for making this list it is brilliant!

2 A man threw a party on his balcony. He stood on the edge for an announcement. He feels his pockets, but falls off. His girlfriend runs to the balcony, screaming, to see him on a huge cushion below, saying, "will you marry me?"
3 A gynecologist began dating one of his patients. During an examination, he removed a ring from her vagina, which he had planted in there earlier.

That's just some sort of kink - styLIShT

4 A man went on a posh dinner date before collapsing on the floor, biting into a concealed blood tablet and making wheezing noises. Paramedics rush to the scene and rip open his shirt, to reveal "marry me" written on his chest.
5 A man paid the police to pull his girlfriend over while driving, accusing her of a major theft crime. Her boyfriend gets out of the police car with a ring, and the police officer says, "you stole this man's heart."
6 A couple went on a road trip. Throughout the trip, they asked someone to take a picture of them; staged so that a random letter appeared in the background. After the trip, the man got the photos, and rearranged them to spell "will you marry me".
7 A man got a drone to follow his girlfriend around for three consecutive days. Eventually, it landed right in front of her, and a compartment on top of the drone opened with a ring inside.
8 A man filmed a fake horror movie trailer with his girlfriend's family in it, building up a suspenseful story about them, leading up to a proposal. He then took his girlfriend to see a movie, and paid the staff to play them the trailer.
9 A man stood with a "will you marry me" sign, hours ahead of a Google van, such that it would be visible on Google Maps, long before showing it to his girlfriend.

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10 A man drove his girlfriend to work, taking numerous seemingly unnecessary detours, which annoyed her. After a painfully long drive, he showed her that the GPS tracker spelled out the words "will you marry me".

These are very creative. I wish I could do these, but I am not this creative about it. I wanna try, though - Nonpointed

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