Top 10 Most Overdramatic Songs

Songs that are more dramatic than needed and can kind of come off as cringey in a way.

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1 1-800-273-8255 - Logic

A melodramatic and pretentious anti- suicide song, the message is tolerable but again the way the message is delivered is heinous. - CaptainMowzker

"Who can relate? WOO! " - The01Bro

Not exactly the worst song, but message could be delivered much better. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Well it is a suicide song. - DarkBoi-X

A poorly done and horrible suicide song that fails at its anti- suicide message... - CaptainMowzker

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2 Let You Down - NF

I hate to include another NF song, but NF is such a melodramatic Eminem clone and it hurts. The song's message isn't bad but the way it's done is WAY TOO over the top. - CaptainMowzker

3 I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift

If you knew he was trouble, then why did you date him in the first place? It's overdramatic, and honestly kind of whiny in a way. - CaptainMowzker

Sanitarium is better - lilrocketman

Meh, I've heard different songs that sounded better than Taylor Swift's songs.

4 How Could You Leave Us - NF

A song about NF's deceased mother... the message itself isn't bad... but the way the message is delivered is melodramatic and painful. - CaptainMowzker

This song honestly is very annoying to my ears

5 God Must Hate Me - Simple Plan

This list wouldn't be complete without a Simple Plan song. The song's message itself is very trite, and the way it tries to be taken seriously fails and falls flat on its face. - CaptainMowzker

6 I'm Not Racist - Joyner Lucas

I completely disagree with this song being here. I think this is a masterpiece. - phillysports

Really? I thought it was a great anti-racism song. It adresses the viewpoints if both blacks and whites, and how people can be racist to each other. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Another anti- racism song that does a very poor job with the message it conveys... and just can't be taken seriously. - CaptainMowzker

What in the world are you taking about? This is a great song. It doesn’t do a poor job conveying its message at all.

7 Last Resort - Papa Roach

Papa Roach with this song tried to make being depressed and suicidal badass. Yeah, that doesn't work. - phillysports

Not only is it edgy... but it also feels melodramatic with it's suicide message. And is very hard to take seriously. - CaptainMowzker

8 Whiteboy - Tom Macdonald

It tries so hard to be taken seriously with a anti- white racism message... but honestly the way it does so is so over the topic and melodramatic. - CaptainMowzker

9 Centuries - Fall Out Boy

It's melodramatic with both vocals and lyrics... but honestly what Fallout Boy song isn't overdramatic? - CaptainMowzker

10 Love Bites - Def Leppard

I love Def Leppard but let's be honest this song is a little bit too cheesy and overdramatic.

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11 Woman - Kesha

It's a okay song but it does feel like a overdramatic feminist anthem. - CaptainMowzker

12 Help - Pink Guy

You guys realize this is a joke song, right? - Not_A_Weeaboo

Joke songs are supposed to be melodramatic... on purpose. - CaptainMowzker

13 Everybody Hurts - R.E.M.
14 S.O.S D'un Terrien En Détresse - Dimash Kudaibergen
15 Runaway Love - Ludacris
16 Never Be the Same - Camila Cabello

My ears will never be the same thanks to this song - B1ueNew

17 Paranoid Android - Radiohead






GOD LOVES HIS CHILDREN - xandermartin98

18 The Metal - Tenacious D

Comedy songs are supposed to be melodramatic... - CaptainMowzker

19 Death to All but Metal - Steel Panther

It's a parody song it's supposed to be OVERDRAMATIC and over the top. You can't expect lyrics like "EMINEM CAN SUCK IT, AND SO CAN DR. DRE" to be taken seriously and it doesn't try to be serious at all. - CaptainMowzker

20 Stan - Eminem

Eh kind of, but at least its message is conveyed well. - CaptainMowzker

21 Say Something - A Great Big World
22 Screaming - Dimash
23 The Crown - Dimash
24 Give Me Love - Dimash
25 Never Land - Dimash
26 A Man I'll Never Be - Boston
27 Bring Me to Life - Evanescence

Maybe a little bit and again Evanescence has made better songs than this. - CaptainMowzker

28 It's Not Over - Daughtry
29 Warriors - Imagine Dragons
30 Sad! - Xxxtentacion

As a fan of xxxtentacion, I like this song. However I think X is trying too hard to look depressed. Example: "Suicide if you try to let go" (Really? come on). Again, I don't hate the song, but this song is pretty overdramatic, and the message could have been portrayed much better. - Not_A_Weeaboo

31 Untitled - Simple Plan

HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO MEH, MADE MEH MISTAKES GOT NOWHERE TO RUUN. The vocals are probably the most melodramatic thing about this song. - CaptainMowzker

32 Hello - Adele

The epitome of melodramatic and almost pretentious in a sense. - DCfnaf

33 Lullaby - Nickelback

This is my favorite song of all time but I can definitely see it coming across as overdramatic with its (anti-suicide? ) message.

34 MacArthur Park - Richard Harris
35 Friends - Marshmello and Anne-Marie

Terrible and overdramatic - B1ueNew

36 What About Us - P!nk
37 Getaway Car - Taylor Swift
38 Heartbreaker - Pat Benatar

It's sort of melodramatic... - CaptainMowzker

39 Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes

Most Shawn Mendes songs are overdramatic to be fair, His voice makes it even worse - B1ueNew

40 Solo - Demi Lovato

Listen to it and you will understand. - Userguy44

41 Livin' on a Prayer - Bon Jovi


42 Careless Whisper - George Michael
43 Time is Running Out - Muse
44 Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce
45 In the End - Linkin Park

Eh kind of. - CaptainMowzker

46 Wonderwall - Oasis
47 Hardware Store - Weird Al Yankovic
48 Fatal Foot Fetish - Macabre
49 Scars - Papa Roach
50 Master Exploder - Tenacious D

Does anyone understand that parody songs are SUPPOSED to be overdramatic? - CaptainMowzker

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