Most Overhated Animated Movies

The Top Ten

1 Frozen

In my opinioni t's just an ok-to-good movie. Not excellent, not bad, just a fun little movie I could watch sometimes, and yes this movie's better than Tangled - darthvadern

I can't stand the hate this movie gets! It's actually the best Disney movie I've ever seen and that's coming from somebody who doesn't like Disney movies that much. - PerfectImpulseX

Frozen's Hate Is Extremely Annoying - JPK

2 Sausage Party

I Actually Think This Movie Is Hilarious - JPK

3 Zootopia

Um... - darthvadern

4 The Hunchback of Notre Dame
5 Peter Pan II: Return to Neverland
6 Cars

This needs to be higher. It gets crapped on more than any other animated franchise.

It's alright, but so boring - darthvadern

7 The Emoji Movie

I Hate This Movie, But Telling Someone To Kill Themselves For Liking It Is Just Wrong - JPK

8 The Good Dinosaur
9 The Secret Life of Pets

This movie's just so mediocre and unmemorable - darthvadern

It was the most predictable movie I ever had to watch. 5/10

Even Though I Liked It, I However Do Agree That It Was Predictable, But All Animated Movies (Even Inside Out, Still An Amazing Film) Are Predictable Nowadays - JPK

I Don't Know Why Everyone Hates This - JPK

Someone Else Likes This Movie!
I Thought I Was Alone.

10 Pocahontas

The Contenders

11 Minions

Although it might be the worst Despicable Me movie it's still pretty good - darthvadern

This Movie Is Actually Hated More Than Frozen
True Fact

12 The Aristocats

Sorry but I had this when I was little it was a fave.

13 Fantasia 2000
14 Ratchet & Clank
15 Brother Bear
16 Atlantis: The Lost Empire
17 The Black Cauldron
18 Treasure Planet
19 Batman: The Killing Joke
20 Escape from Planet Earth

I honestly think it's one of the most memorable animated movies ever - darthvadern

21 Oliver and Company
22 Trolls

Other than the horrid songs, it was a guilty pleasure of mine - darthvadern

23 Sing

No. If anything, this is underhated - darthvadern

24 Chicken Little
25 Appleseed
26 Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV
27 The Polar Express
28 Disney's a Christmas Carol
29 Justice League vs. Teen Titans
30 The Lion King

It's good in my opinion - darthvadern

31 Foodfight!

Yes its bad but not as bad as people say worst complaints
The animation is crap my response the little panda fighter
That's all really - Tyoshi

32 Shrek the Third

Best of the Shrek franchise - darthvadern

33 Where the Dead Go to Die

I've seen worse animated movies than it but I still think it's bad. - PerfectImpulseX

34 The Guardian Brothers

It's a fun movie - darthvadern

35 Despicable Me 3

One of the best animated movies of all time - darthvadern

36 Hotel Transylvania

While it's the least hated of the trilogy it still has some hate - darthvadern

37 Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

I honestly found it quite awesome and I think it's the second best of the trilogy - darthvadern

38 Hotel Transylvania 2

Now yes, this movie has unfortuanate flaws, but at least it's watchable and enjoyable compared to *cough*, Open Season, *cough* - darthvadern

39 The Lorax

I know why, but I think this was a pretty awesome movie. The animation is cool, the story is great, and it's overall just very enjoyable - darthvadern

40 Ice Age: Continental Drift

To be honest this was my favourite Ice Age movie. While the teenage mammoths are annoying to an extent, and the lemmings can get annoying, everything beyond that ranged from great to excellent, it's on par with the third movie - darthvadern

41 Ice Age: Collision Course

While I do think it was the worst of the sequels, I think it was a guilty pleasure. Intimidating story, Buck returns and it has some cool moments. Then agian there's terrible jokes, bad new characters and villians, but overall I enjoyed it - darthvadern

42 Shrek Forever After

I don't think it's a masterpiece but I enjoyed it - darthvadern

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