Top Ten Overhated Beatles Songs


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1 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

This was the first-ever popular song to openly address LGBTQ issues. Back in 1968, absolutely NOBODY except "The Beatles" could get away with doing so. It still got a lot of hate back then for that, and the current generation of robots apparently just carried it over without realizing the genesis of the dislike.

I've heard it's the worst Beatles song ever from a couple of people. That I will never understand. - Pony

2 Revolution 9

It's not THAT bad of a song, but not as good as their other songs. - Pony

Ayy Pony good to see ya again - IronSabbathPriest

3 Dizzy Miss Lizzy

I love this song, but many people think it's bad. - Pony

4 I Want to Tell You

I can understand why because of the piano riffs, but it's still a good song. - Pony

5 Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey

Never understood the hate for this one. - Pony

6 It's Only Love

Yes, it's filler, but it doesn't deserve the hate it gets. - Pony

7 Dig a Pony

Somewhat underrated in my opinion. - Pony

8 Yellow Submarine

Love the song, the film is stupid (The Beatles had nothing to do with Yellow Submarine film, just animated)

Yes, even this song gets a fair amount of hatred. For me, it's too timeless of a song to hate. - Pony

9 Tell Me What You See

Another filler track, but I think it's a great song. - Pony

10 Martha My Dear

Under looked and under appreciated. It's no masterpiece but it's still a good song. - Pony

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11 Octopus's Garden
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